”You have to report the facts”

Christian Horner has once again made it clear that it’s not just Red Bull Racing complaining to Michael Masi in Abu Dhabi. Addressing the BBC The boss of the Red Bull team points the finger at Mercedes’ competitors.

If both Toto Wolff and Horner let it be known that they had put 2021 and especially the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix behind them, several interviews show that this is not quite the case. When talking about the situation in Abu Dhabi, the bosses of the Mercedes and Red Bull teams are not afraid to give each other a little slap on the wrist.

Interviews with Masi

After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix there was a lot of criticism about how Red Bull acted. The Mercedes camp accused Horner and Jonathan Wheatley of influencing Masi. Wolff even said Max Verstappen could thank his team boss Wheatley, as his ‘bromance’ with Masi has helped in Abu Dhabi.

Confronted with these statements, Horner showed the other side of Wolff. ”You have to report the facts. Who was the first to call Michael? It was not me. I’m just responding to the pressure on him that I hear in my ear from a rival team. It’s my job as the principal of the team I represent to defend him,” Horner said in the interview with the British media.

Mercedes pressure

With that, Horner immediately brings up an interesting topic. Indeed, where Wolff and Mercedes blame Red Bull for putting pressure on Masi, making Masi run one more lap, it was Wolff who was the first to hear from Masi. Earlier in the race he had already pressured Masi not to interfere in a race with a virtual safety car.

Of course, there was also the pressure from Red Bull in the later stages of the race, but it wasn’t as bad as Mercedes, according to Horner. ”I think it was probably less than the pressure our rivals were putting on not having a safety car. Or to go back on a lap. Or not to have a virtual safety car, or for the virtual safety car to fit into a full safety car,” Horner concludes his summary.

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