Windows update KB5008212 causes problems for Outlook search

Windows update KB5008212 has had the unintended side effect of an effective Outlook search failure for some users. And while Microsoft has acknowledged the problem, it has yet to release an appropriate fix.

You can read all the details on Microsoft’s blog post about the issue. In it, the company states: “After installing update KB5008212, recent emails may not appear in search results.”

However, since Friday afternoon January 7, 2022, the only solution offered by the manufacturer of Windows is to use a workaround of disabling Windows Desktop Search. You’re going to have to do a little registry modification, which Microsoft explains how to do in their article, but even so, there’s a reason many users don’t like playing with the registry.

Microsoft says it will update the aforementioned blog post “when more information becomes available”, although there is no ETA at this time. You can check this blog from time to time if you want to be the first to know when the company releases a suitable fix (or keep checking here).

Outlook and Windows aren’t the only Microsoft products that cause problems for some people. In the latest news, Captcha’s Skype account creation requirements sent people on a wild goose hunt, garnering mostly negative reception from the community.

And, on top of that, a recent update to the Windows 11 Photos app publisher removed a few features that many users enjoyed, paving the way for more conflicts when it comes to the product line of Redmond.

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Amanda J. Marsh