What type of site to choose for your business | by Gil Mahesh | August 2022

To expand the customer base, you need a website – this sentence is 99% true.

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When a person visits a regular office, in the same way, they can become a virtual visitor – your site, and this is an additional flow of customers for the company.

The main thing is not to make a mistake in the type of web resource when developing it, otherwise, having received a ready-made site, you may suddenly find that it performs completely different tasks that are important for the company.

business card website

The name itself speaks eloquently of its main function: to provide information about a person, company, services, etc. — everything is like in the usual paper business card, except there is more information. Usually, these are several dozen pages with sections like “About the company”, “Services”, “Reviews”, “Contacts”, etc. Such a site is ideal for modern small businesses who know that the Internet has long been a powerful tool for attracting customers.

Portfolio site

It’s an effective way to demonstrate your abilities to potential clients by showing your work through graphics, photos, or videos. Ideal for people whose work requires direct demonstration of results in one way or another: photographers, designers, videographers and representatives of many other creative professions.

Company Website

This is a more massive Internet resource, it is distinguished by a complex structure, multi-level navigation and a large number of different content (informative texts, presentations, photos, videos, etc.). A business website is a must-have for almost every business: here you can find out more about services, read reviews, contact an online consultant or simply leave a request.

In the structure of these sites, there are usually closed sections for internal use, where, for example, personal accounts for employees can be created. Therefore, a corporate website is recommended for medium and large companies with a large branch network, so that even remote employees can stay in touch and have access to necessary information.

Online Store

Most often, these sites are used to host a catalog through which the user can select a product and pay for it or send an application to the manager. If your goal is direct selling, there are many product positions, and you want to automate trading via the Internet, choose this web resource.

Personal blog

It is a kind of Internet journal – a collection of entries by one or more authors, devoted to certain topics, where users can leave comments. By the way, they are thus involuntarily involved in the work of the resource, which can have a positive effect on its promotion.


sites Such sites can be compared to a shop window: you display products there and present them to the user. In terms of functionality, they are quite simple and encourage the visitor not to buy, but to consult on the product he likes: there is no online payment, personal account and other sales tools. Instead, product sheets with descriptions and an application form (or an online consultant).

Such a site is suitable for those types of businesses that cannot do without consultation and a personal visit. For example, buying a car. Wouldn’t you like to buy it online? No, you have to see it, touch it, smell it and ride it.

Promotional websites

This type is recommended for promoting certain products or a brand. Its feature is a large number of attractive graphics or animations, as well as a system for conducting various promotions or sweepstakes. As a rule, such sites are required by large companies that already have a main site, and all sorts of entertainment contests are placed on a separate domain so as not to clutter the main resource.

One-page sites or landing pages

Landing – this site consists of one page, on which everything you need fits. Its task is to attract attention, as well as the sale of a product or service, that is, the conversion of a visitor into a buyer. These sites follow an unspoken rule: one product (service) – one landing, no need to try to sell several products at once, so as not to torture a potential customer with the agony of choice. He has only one decision to make: buy or leave. You can additionally place a link to the main site on the homepage in order to interest the user in other services provided by your company

These sites are absolutely universal and suitable for any business, from a small nail salon to a large factory. Landing pages are especially useful when starting a business, as a quick way to get exposure or test out a niche.

By the way, your site type doesn’t have to be “clean”. In each individual case, he can combine the features of different cases, the main thing is to determine what marketing tasks he needs to solve.

Amanda J. Marsh