West Seattle Blog… | READER REPORT: Students and nonprofits all win big at the 2022 Environmental Slam

Students from several West Seattle schools were again among the competitors this year in the environmental slam. Thanks to Marco for sending this report on how it went:

On Thursday, May 19, it was once again time for the annual WFFE Environmental Slam. WFFE (Washington Foundation for the Environment) is a non-profit organization based in Seattle. Our mission has been to empower young people to use their voice to advocate for the environment and climate change initiatives since 1979. The Slam promotes environmental research, activism, and presentation for Washington’s youth of 5th to 12th grade. This is a showcase of individuals and teams from across Washington competing to present the most compelling cases for action on regional environmental issues. Winners in each Slam category nominate a local nonprofit supporting their cause to receive a $500 donation in their name.

This year marked a particularly successful event, as we were able to donate a total of $3,750 to these associations selected by our young broadcasters:

oceana.org – environmentwashington.org – kab.org – greenpeace.org – climateclock.world – drawdown.org – seaottersavvy.org – climate-refugees.org – wolfhaven.org – pugetsoundkeeper.org

This was the thirteenth year of the Environmental Slam (and the 2nd year online). With 10 inputs from Genesee Hill Elementary, McClure Middle School, Explorer West Middle School, Madison Middle Schooland Whitman High School we had a wide variety of presentations. First place selected by our expert judges (among local nonprofits Futurewise, sound experienceand Zero Waste Washington) went to the Puget Sound orca presentation and raised $550 for Washington environment. Second place went to Climate Rap, in favor of Climate refugees. We also learned about turtles, litter in our parks, fossil fuels, the climate clock, sea otters, wolves in Yellowstone, fossil fuels, global warming and pollution in Puget Sound.

Since we hosted the Slam online, we don’t have a photo of this year’s actual winners, but this photo from 2019 will give you a good idea of ​​how happy our winners are with their success and the money they’ve earned. they collected:

A huge THANK YOU to all our donors, volunteers, supporters, teachers, parents and especially the wonderful young people who have taught us so much!

More information at Washington Foundation for the Environment. WFFE is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the state of Washington.

Amanda J. Marsh