West Seattle Blog… | READER REPORT: Dog Attack on Harbor Avenue

Jim sent this report, as an alert to other dog owners:

(Tuesday) around 2pm I was walking our 12 year old Brittany “Copper” on a leash on our daily walk on Harbor Ave when Copper was attacked by a white pit bull dog who was dragging his leash and not under his owner’s control. .

As we passed the Marination Patio and walked north on the path, a man was standing there and a dog was coming from the bushes. He approached Copper and then almost immediately attacked him, tackling him to the ground and holding him with his mouth. It took both me and the man to keep Copper’s dog away.

I immediately took Copper to the South Seattle Veterinary Hospital and he was taken in for surgery. Copper has multiple deep puncture wounds and we’re glad he’s alive. The clinic, its doctors and its employees deserve our thanks.

I file reports with Animal Control and the Seattle Police Department. I want this information to be visible to everyone. This dog attacked Copper without provocation. This dog was not controlled. The owner had no remorse. He left the place telling me it was the fault that my dog ​​had “bad energy”.

I see so many dog ​​owners in West Seattle walking their dogs along the water all day, every day. They must know how to be careful and always aware that this can happen to them. Copper never participated in a dogfight, let alone provoked an attack, and he didn’t deserve to suffer that fate. If you are the owner of this dog, you should be very ashamed of and take responsibility for your dog’s actions.

The Seattle Animal Shelter the file number is C06730536; you can contact Animal Control with any information at 206-386-7387.

Amanda J. Marsh