West Seattle Blog… | PANDEMIC NOTES: School District Update; test site for info

Two pandemic notes tonight:

SCHOOL DISTRICT UPDATE: In the middle of the first week of the two-week winter break, an update to Seattle Public Schools, sent to families and published on the district website:

Our plan is to reopen the schools as scheduled on Monday January 3rd.

That said, we are also bracing for the possibility that some classrooms, and maybe some schools, will be far away at some point in January.

Uncertainty at any time is difficult, but no more so than it is today, after the stress and anxiety of the past few weeks. We are sharing this information with you now so that you can be as prepared as possible if your child needs to make the switch to distance learning.

In addition to vaccinations / reminders, the district recommends that students take a COVID test before class resumes.

TEST SITE For info: Speaking of testing, we’ve heard this from several readers – although the website of the Curative kiosk at Don Armeni boat ramp says walk-in people are welcome, readers report being turned down without an appointment. At the moment, the next appointment availability on the site is only next Monday. The city/UW Medicine test site at Nino Cantu South-West Sports Complex, however, displays test appointments open on Friday.

Amanda J. Marsh