West Seattle Blog… | GRATITUDE: Fauntleroy Community Association Great Pumpkin Hunt

Before party this afternoonthe first fun fall community event in Fauntleroy this year was the Great Pumpkin Search, three hours on October 8 during which participants searched for hidden pumpkins in and around the Endolyne business district. This was presented by the Fauntleroy Community Association and coordinated by Candace Bluewho emailed to share photos and public thanks for everyone who joined forces to make this volunteer-run event happen:

We all had such a great time, including the members of the Fauntleroy Community Association and the hunters – kids, adults and even dogs. All 200 pumpkins were found and the special gifts were cherished. This event will certainly take place next year. Special thanks go to:

Susan Lantz-Deywho attended each day, managed the stand and painted the signs for the stand

Frank Immelwho set up the stand and then stayed all day to attend

Bill Wellingtonwho lent us his tables

Pumpkin hides – Paulette Eister, Claudia Levi, Catherine Bailey, Loren and MacKenzie Tapia with my 3 year old grandson Philipand my husband Scott Wiesemann (who also scouted all day to let us know where pumpkins were left)

Avalon Glassworks for donating a beautiful glass pumpkin

The companies of the triangle – Endolyne Joe’s, El Camino (thanks for the bags when we ran out), and Wildwood Market

Entities that (promoted) the event – ​​West Seattle Chamber of Commerce, West Seattle Blog, Fauntleroy Community Association Newsletter, and Fauntleroy Community Association website

It takes a village and you all make it. Thanks a lot!

Amanda J. Marsh