We have a winner! (And that’s Microsoft); Can TikTok Steal Google’s Search Lunch?

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Get the Net!

The plugs are popping up in Redmond, Wash., home of Microsoft, after news broke that Netflix has chosen Microsoft Advertising as its global business and technology partner for its advertising business.

“Microsoft has the proven ability to meet all of our advertising needs as we work together to create a new ad-supported offering,” Netflix COO Greg Peters wrote in a statement. Publish confirming the news, first reported by Bloomberg. “Most importantly, Microsoft offered the flexibility to innovate over time, both on the technology and sales side.”

Who would win the Netflix account was hotly debated, with Google, Comcast, The Trade Desk and a host of indie players vying for at least a slice of the pie. Microsoft has some big advantages though. For one thing, he can send more people and resources to the account than anyone but Google. But Google has drawbacks because (a) it’s Google, and (b) Google isn’t a flexible partner. If Netflix wants special policy exemptions, data access, or selling rights… Google won’t budge.

Peters writes that the most important thing Microsoft offers is the “flexibility to innovate” in technology and sales.

Microsoft also has deep pockets and the incentive to cut any rival’s rate. Netflix’s win is worth so much to the company that it could (practically) take a loss on the account itself.

The search continues

Where to have lunch nearby. How to change a tire. What to do in Copenhagen.

These types of queries are the meat and potatoes of Google search. Not because they are valuable on their own, but because Google is the web’s entry point to consumer information and intent.

For younger kids, however, the first stop for these sorts of questions is often Instagram or, especially, TikTok. This is not news. Paid search and social media managers know that the source of online queries is changing. Still, it’s interesting to see this point raised by Google SVP Prabhakar Raghavan, who now leads the Google Knowledge and Information group but previously ran all of the search, commerce and advertising businesses.

During a recent appearance at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference, Raghavan suggested that TikTok might be a bigger threat to Google Maps or the main search function than to YouTube – despite being a direct competitor to YouTube, Tech Crunch reports.

TikTok and Google Search have a parasitic relationship. Google likes the fact that TikTok exists because it has to show antitrust authorities that it links to videos other than its own. But TikTok spoofed Google.com as the top web domain last year, as Cloudflare tracked — and did so largely through Google searches.

You can run, but you can’t hide

Facebook (ahem, Meta) still hasn’t bounced back from Apple AppTrackingTransparency Framework.

Marne Levine, Meta’s Chief Commercial Officer, and Nicola Mendelsohn, VP of Meta’s Global Commercial Group, will have to work twice as hard to rebuild relationships with advertisers lest they cede more ground to rivals like TikTok .

Yet advertisers don’t hear much about Meta.

“I get a lot more contacts from my competitors than from Meta,” said an agency manager Initiatedwhile another warns that a “lack of visibility” will hurt Meta as brands are already looking for alternative channels.

Former Facebook ads boss Carolyn Everson was in frequent contact, according to multiple advertisers.

Meta’s biggest threat is TikTok, which attracts Mark after Mark because of its close relationship with influencers and young users.

To be fair, Meta’s new executive team hasn’t even been on the job for a year, and the cricket claims aren’t unanimous.

Another agency executive says Mendelsohn has been a ‘regular contact’ and she ‘fosters a more sincere culture and partnership [and] less scripted.

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You are engaged!

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