Ultra MAGA site Gateway Pundit’s Bizarro quarrel with a January 6 rioter

Popular far-right website The Gateway Pundit, which played a key role in promoting “false flag” conspiracy theories on January 6, found an unlikely new enemy in Capitol Rioter Tim “Baked Alaska »Gionet.

Intra-right drama hit its worst lows with Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft accusing Gionet of being a “federal” and allies of the far-right streamer calling Hoft a pedophile. And the feud recently came to a head when a lawyer representing The Gateway Pundit allegedly sent an email threatening legal action against a far-right podcaster who hosted Gionet on his show to respond to allegations he was an agent. federal.

In December 2021, Hoft, who has been repeatedly dubbed “the dumbest man on the internet,” published an article claiming that Gionet, an ally in white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes’ “army of grocers,” is an undercover federal agent who has deliberately sought to incite violence. on Capitol Hill to trap then President Donald Trump and his allies.

“Since January 6, Baked Alaska video footage has been used by Democrats in their impeachment of President Trump,” Hoft wrote. “Tim Gionet is a free man today like the Americans he filmed rot in prison without a trial date. Why is that?”

While Gionet was arrested for violating the Capitol building and faces several federal charges, the far-right streamer fervently denied Hoft’s claims that he was a “federal”. He appeared on far-right personality Stew Peters’ nighttime show late last year in an attempt to crush the allegations.

But the defensive aspect of The Stew Peters Show quickly became an offensive move, with the couple marrying homophobic slurs aimed at Hoft. “I mean, obviously he’s interested in young boys,” Peters said, referring to the right-wing plot married to a younger man. “He is married to a very young boy.

“He kicks me when I’m down,” Gionet added of Hoft, which was first reported by the website, The Daily Dot, “and he’s on the side of this federal government. tyrannical under Joe Biden. ” Peters added that Hoft “hates President Trump,” a particular statement due to the former president previously calling Hoft and his twin brother “formidable.”

After this segment aired, legal threats started to fly.

“The Gateway Pundit threatening to sue me, for words they made up,” Peters said, shaking his head in a Sunday night video he posted on Telegram, a popular messaging app. law.

In a press release sent to the Daily Beast, Peters alleged that a lawyer representing Gateway founder Pundit sent him an email threatening the podcaster.

“It’s not a negotiation. It’s not a bluff, ”said Peters, Hoft’s attorney, wrote in the heavily worded email. “You falsely accused Jim of being a pedophile, and you did so with real nastiness. In other words, you are done. Back out and apologize, or we’ll sue you for damages. This is your final good faith warning.

Neither Hoft nor Jonathan C. Burns, the St. Louis-based lawyer who represents him, responded to the Daily Beast’s multiple requests for comment.

Peters denies ever calling Hoft a “pedophile” and apparently has no intention of backing down from the war of words, even amid legal threats from influential blogger Trumpworld.

“At no time during the segment in question did I Stew Peters or the Stew Peters show accuse Jim Hoft of being part of a satanic pedophilia cabal,” Peters added in a statement to the Daily Beast. “It should be mentioned that to date Jim Hoft’s attorney is the only person to utter the words ‘satanic pedophile cabal’ in relation to Jim Hoft or The Gateway Pundit.”

While Peters does not fold, the Far-right website Red Voice Media, which hosts content from Peters, has apologized after the outlet initially posted the Gionet segment on its website. “We were involved in such an attack, we apologize to Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit and the readers of Gateway Pundit,” the site said.

Gionet did not respond to the Daily Beast’s request for comment, but he continued to poke fun at Hoft.

“I’m still waiting for the leaked photos of Jim Hoft’s hot tub,” he wrote on Telegram.

Amanda J. Marsh