Twitter Will Soon Allow Users to Write ‘Full Articles’ – Here’s What You Need to Know

Twitter users will soon be able to post tweets much longer than 280 characters.

The popular microblogging and social media platform is reportedly testing a new feature to allow its users to write full articles or blog posts using rich formatting and uploaded media, per Tech Crunch.

Twitter declined to comment on its new feature and corresponding capabilities, but would share updates soon.

Twitter Notes – Facts and Details

Twitter is reportedly testing a new feature called Twitter Notes that lets users write posts longer than 280 characters and is compatible with blog posts and newspaper articles.

Twitter users can also use rich formatting to add uploaded media, such as images, links and embedded tweets, according to The Verge.

Additionally, users can then tweet these long-form articles and share them with their followers once they are published.

Tech Crunch notes that if the feature were officially adopted by Twitter, it could potentially change how some people use Twitter to share more information and ideas.

However, it’s unclear whether Twitter would give the new feature free to its users or make it exclusive to those who sign up for the company’s subscription-based offering, Twitter Blue.

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Currently, users can only post tweets longer than 280 characters by letting Twitter hash their tweets and post them as numbered Twitter feeds. This particular feature was officially adopted in 2017 with the introduction of a new Twitter compose screen which made it easier to create and post multi-tweet messages.

While these Twitter threads are helpful for those who want to share deeper thoughts, the transition from one tweet thread to another may be jarring to some, leading them to prefer reading this content as a blog in its own right.

Twitter hasn’t mentioned when Twitter Notes will be available to the general public.

From Twitter posts to Twitter notes

Interestingly, the existence of Twitter Notes has already been leaked to the public by a Twitter researcher Jane Wang in early February, with the feature being known in the company as “Twitter Articles”.

Twitter Articles also have the same functionality as Twitter Notes. Both allow Twitter users to post tweets longer than 280 characters. However, unlike Twitter Notes, Twitter Posts have not been flagged to allow users to use rich formatting and add uploaded media as part of these long-form tweets.

Wong also posted a screenshot of the feature’s “hidden menu” on Twitter, which also revealed the feature’s name and what it would look like when released.

9to5Mac assumed that the Twitter article would be available to all categories of accounts, which means normal Twitter users and status-verified users, as well as those who are Twitter Blue subscribers, can use the feature.

Wong also added that Twitter posts come with a “Focus modewhich extends the composer to full screen while hiding the sidebars, making it easier to write longer messages.

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