Twitter restricts the use of the site by the Russian government

April 5 (UPI) — Twitter announced on Tuesday that it was limiting the content of 300 official Russian government accounts as part of Moscow’s efforts to crack down on the spread of information.

Among the accounts to be blocked will be that of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We believe we have a responsibility to the public – especially in times of crisis – to proactively enforce our rules, preserve access to Twitter, elevate credible and reliable information, protect privacy and the safety of people who use our service and others. , and to guard against attempts to manipulate the public conversation,” said Twitter vice president of global public policy Sinéad McSweeney in a blog post.

Twitter said it would not recommend government accounts or tweets in timelines, notifications or other locations on the website.

The company said it was taking action in response to Russia’s restriction of access to Twitter and an open internet.

“As we have said before, we believe that a free and open Internet is vital and that people around the world should have equal access to information. We take our collective role and the role of our service seriously. “McSweeney said. noted.

Russia blocked some or all users from accessing certain social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram following its invasion of Ukraine.

The restrictions are part of Russia’s efforts to control shared information about the war and, in some cases, to share misinformation.

Ukrainian service members stand next to a damaged building in a residential area after the bombing of kyiv, Ukraine, March 18. Photo by Vladyslav Musiienko/UPI | License picture

Amanda J. Marsh