TulsaKids: Best Articles and Blog Posts of 2022


OWe thought it would be fun to take a page from some of our other parenting posts and check out the best TulsaKids articles of 2022! It’s always interesting to see what attracts readers from the Tulsa area and around the world. You can pretty much guarantee, for example, that our “Age-appropriate books to talk to your kids about sex” article, published several years ago, will be one of our most trending articles any day. week of the year. And Diane Morrow-Kondos’ blog on becoming a step-parent isn’t far behind!

What TulsaKids articles have you found most helpful or interesting over the past year? Let us know in the comments!

New from TulsaKids Magazine

1. Playful parenting: get away from your parenting pains

September 2022. Inspired by Bandit Heeler on the hit series BlueyNew 2022 TulsaKids columnist Alicia Kobilnyk shares some playful parenting principles and fun ideas from local parents.

2. Keep your hands to yourself: don’t touch our hair!

May 2022. Dr. Tamecca Rogers explains why, even though it’s “perfectly normal” for white people to be curious about black hair, they should keep their hands to themselves! She writes about the CROWN Act and provides action points for school administrators and teachers.

3. Alisha Stanley: kids, coffee and second chances

February 2022. Nancy A. Moore interviews Alisha Stanley, who is employed by She Brews Coffee, about the second chance She Brews and His House Outreach Ministries gave her, after she was released from prison for prescription drug abuse.

4. Summer Camps: Choosing a Good Fit for Your Child

March 2022. This article describes some common types of summer camps and provides guidelines for whether or not they are right for your child, taking into account their personality and interests.

5. Get inspired: a month of school lunch ideas

August 2022. If you’re cooking meals for multiple kids, you’ve probably cooked thousands of meals by the time they’re in middle school! Here, Natalie Mikles brings new inspiration.

Best blog posts of 2022

TulsaKids has six regular blogs, which you can find at tulsakids.com/blog. Here are the best posts of 2022 from each of our bloggers!

1. Choking in children: our terrifying experience

January 2022. Diane Morrow-Kondos shares the chilling story of how her grandson choked on candy. To help others, she lists common choking hazards and some good choking prevention techniques.

2. Do you like Wordle? Also try these word games!

January 2022. Did you get the Wordle craze? Do you still play?

3. Vendimos nuestro negocio después de 6 años.

April 2022. Liliana Sproul vlogs selling the family business after six years.

4. Homemade formula: is it safe?

May 2022. Another hot topic, Betty Casey addresses the shortage of formulas and warns against trying to create your own formula. Haley Billings, local pediatric dietitian, offers her voice of expertise.

5. Free, free, free! Rooster days and gifts!

June 2022. Lynn Hernandez’s Dads Rock blog is the place to turn if you’re looking for information on local nonprofits and fun community events. In this article, he shines a light on the Rooster Days festival in Broken Arrow and shares some fun surprises for his readers.

6. Take the kids to a Furry convention!

August 2022. Kristi Roe Owen, whose post on Tails and Tornadoes Furcon last year continues to be a top feature on our site, describes what to expect at a furry convention, pointing out that furry fandom is often misunderstood.

Oldies, but Goodies

1. Five things to know if you’re marrying someone with kids

Important things to think about before becoming a step-parent.

2. Age-appropriate books to talk to your kids about sex

This article was originally published in 2012. Family and Children’s Services helped us update it in 2020.

3. When high IQ and ADHD collide

Mary Beth Ritchie’s popular article of 2021 continues to be a top destination on tulsakids.com. She identifies the traits of giftedness and ADHD, and talks about her experience as the mother of a gifted child with ADHD.

4. Parents and Teens Need to Know Oklahoma’s Traffic Rules

Solid information on getting a driver’s license in Oklahoma that goes beyond the basics.

5. Does it take a village – or does it?

Diane Morrow-Kondos reflects on the common saying, “It takes a whole village to raise a child,” especially in light of the COVID pandemic.

Places to visit, things to do

1. TulsaKids Community Calendar

Looking for something fun to do? Get started with the TulsaKids Community Calendar! Our online calendar lets you see what’s happening in Tulsa, day by day.

2. Indoor places to play in Tulsa

When the weather is too cold or too hot for comfort – or they just want to try something new – parents turn to our list of places to play indoors!

3. Things to do in Tulsa this week (and family events in Tulsa this weekend)

We update our to-do list every week and weekend every Monday! (Tip: Subscribe to our mailing list to get our “Weekend Recap” delivered to your inbox every Thursday!)

4. Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Tulsa

Diane Morrow-Kondos shares her favorite restaurants to visit with her grandkids.

5. Family Festivals in Tulsa

Updated regularly, here is our list of family festivals to look forward to all year round!

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