TRAVEL REPORT – To Stuttgart and Schwabisch Hall – Innovation remains the driving force

Innovation remains the engine
Towards Stuttgart and Schwabisch Hall

In this trip report:

I talk a lot about innovation on this blog and how it applies to the passenger experience when traveling. And let’s be honest – one of the first things we see after seeing the metal / composite tube is what seat you’re sitting on – whether it’s for an hour-long jump, a three-hour regional jump, or a 12 hour jump. long-haul segment either at the rear and at the front of the aircraft.

And let’s be honest – comfort in the air is so important, especially when you’re stuck in the tube.

Recaro has demonstrated significant advantages – in particular with its new premium business and long-haul seats, as well as interesting concepts in the economy cabin (in particular with the fast delivery times for their seats).

We can hope that these innovations will energize the industry in the years to come.

Let’s do some recap

National express

Fair. And ‘good enough’ for the quick trip to London.

BA Louge (South)

A little busy, but the ordering service worked well even if it was a bit packed.


Delayed and that afternoon tea service must be fired from a cannon

Novum Hotel Rieker Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

Never again.

Qubixx Schwabisch Room

Much better. A perfectly functional business hotel.

Stuttgart Airport

More than a little quiet – if the airport was more than busy with immigration. Too bad there is a minimum of premium ground support.


Much better – but this salad was still a bit small.

Premier Inn Heathrow T5

The best hotel on the trip. Not even a close competition.

And that’s your lot for this trip. It was strange writing this one – mainly because I took a long time to write and publish it. There are a lot of reasons that are not relevant to this blog, but in the end the articles get published.


I am staying in UK for a while while some things are rushing around. Suffice to say that our political masters are changing things from day to day. I have planned local trips, as well as international travel plans once things calm down a bit.

And yes, that includes a trip to Chicago.

Because life will be back to normal. We’re just going to have to be a little patient, unfortunately.

And yes. I’ll do the chapter markers correctly when I have some time later – a photographer’s work continues.


Many thanks to Recaro Aircraft Seating for helping to make this trip possible. Recaro Aircraft Seating has kindly invited economy class and beyond, as a guest at its facilities, offering an allowance to help cover the expenses of this trip.

All opinions and thoughts are those of the author and are not directed by Recaro Aircraft Seating, Recaro or their respective companies.

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