Top TulsaKids Articles of 2021

WWe thought it would be fun to take a page from some of our parenting posts and look at our most popular posts from the past year! It’s always interesting to see what draws readers to the Tulsa area and around the world. You can pretty much guarantee, for example, that our article “Age-appropriate books for talking to your kids about sex”, published several years ago, will be one of our trending articles every week of the year. ‘year. And Diane Morrow-Kondos’ blog post on becoming a step-parent isn’t far behind!

Which TulsaKids articles did you find most useful or interesting in 2021? Please let us know in the comments!

New from TulsaKids magazine

1. “Killers of the Flower Moon” Granddaughter Shares Complex Connection to the Osage Murders

August 2021. Natalie Mikles interviews Margie Burkhart, whose grandparents are central characters in the book and movie “Killers of the Flower Moon”.

2. Exchange of holiday cookies? We have what you need

December 2021. Five favorite recipes of a Christmas baking pro!

3. Questions you should ask before sending your child to summer camp

March 2021. After a spooky incident at camp involving water safety, mother and writer Pam Moore shares some key questions to ask regarding summer camp.

4.7 tips for raising adult children

November 2021. As Dr Tamecca Rogers writes, there is a lot of information available on parenting children through adolescence. But not so much when it comes to raising adult children.

5. Teach teens not to fall victim to fake news

August 2021. “Fake News” has been a buzzword lately, but what does it really mean? This article provides parenting tips and fact-checking resources.

12 covers of 2021

Top Blog Posts of 2021

1. My first English vlog

January 2021. Liliana Sproul blogs generally in Spanish. Here she presents herself to a new audience!

2. High prescription eye care is a privilege many cannot afford

March 2021. Kristi Roe Owen takes a look at why eye care can be so expensive.

3. Distribution of stimuli and FAQs for families

March 2021. In this very timely article, Kristi Roe Owen helped families understand what the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 means to them.

4. Amanda Gorman and the hill we climb

January 2021. Moved by Amanda Gorman’s poem during the 2021 presidential inauguration, Tara Rittler shares resources to learn more about the poet’s work.

5. Role reversal: when did my daughters become my bosses?

August 2021. Diane Morrow-Kondos is affectionately berated by her daughters, who remind her to take care of her by “making the right choices”.

Oldies, but Goodies

1. Age-appropriate books for talking to your kids about sex

This article was originally published in 2012. Child and Family Services helped us update it in 2020.

2. Five things to know if you are getting married with children

Important things to think about before becoming a step-parent.

3. Parents and Teens Should Know the Oklahoma Rules of the Road

Solid information on getting a driver’s license in Oklahoma that goes beyond the basics.

4. It takes a village – or does it?

Diane Morrow-Kondos reflects on the popular saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” especially in light of the COVID pandemic.

5. Is CKLA the best way to teach children to read?

Betty Casey interviews five knowledgeable TPS teachers about their experience with the CKLA curriculum.

Places to go, things to do

1. Indoor places to play in Tulsa

When it’s too cold or too hot for comfort – or just want to try something new – parents turn to our list of places to play indoors!

2. Things to do in Tulsa this week (and family events in Tulsa this weekend)

We update our to-do list every week and every weekend every Monday! (Index: Subscribe to our mailing list to get our “Roundup Weekend” delivered to your inbox every Thursday!)

3. Kid-friendly restaurants in Tulsa

Diane Morrow-Kondos shares her favorite restaurants to visit with her grandchildren.

4. 9 Easy Road Trips from Tulsa

A quick and handy guide to planning a visit to Bentonville, Pawhuska, Bartlesville, Dallas, Eureka Springs, OKC, Springfield (Missouri), Stillwater, and Wichita.

5. Family festivals in Tulsa

Updated regularly, here is our list of family festivals to look forward to throughout the year!

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