Top 5 Ways to Reverse Image Search on iPhone or iPad

Let’s say you’ve come across an interesting image but have no idea. Well, now you can find out by giving it a reverse image search. There are several ways to reverse search to find the source of the image or other similar images on the web on your iOS device. In this article, let’s take a look at the top five ways to reverse search for an image on iPhone or iPad.

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How to Reverse Image Search on iPhone or iPad

Performing a reverse image search can help you find where any image present on your device is. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use the following methods to find information about an image.

Method 1 – Use Google Lens for Reverse Image Search

The fastest way to perform a reverse image search on your iOS device is to use Google Lens. Follow these steps to get the same result.

1. Open the Google app on your iPhone/iPad.

2. Then press the Camera lens icon at the end of the Google search bar.

3. Now you can tap on the desired image in the device to perform a reverse search. Alternatively, you can click and search any image in real time using the ‘Search with your camera‘ option.

4. Wait a few seconds to let Google Lens search for similar images using its reverse image search feature.

5. To glide the search slider up to know the details of your searched image.

Method 2 – Use Bing visual search on your iPhone/iPad

Another effective way to find the location and details of any image is to use Bing visual search. Using this method, you can know the details of any image with just a few clicks.

1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone to access the Bing visual search page.

2. Then press the Take photo button to choose the image you want from your iOS device. Alternatively, you can also click on a photo in real time to get information about it.

3. Then press the Gallery icon next to the Search button to browse and choose the image you want to search.

4. Wait a few seconds to display the details of the image you are looking for. You can also find images similar to your searched image by tapping the Related content button.

Visual search is now integrated into the Microsoft Edge browser. If you’re using Edge on your Mac or Windows PC, here’s how enable or disable visual search.

Method 3 – Use Browser to Run a Reverse Image Search

You can also use web browsing apps on your iPhone/iPad such as Safari, Google Chrome, etc., to perform a reverse image search using Google Images. Follow these steps to get the same result.

1. Open the Safari or Google Chrome app on your device and access Google Images.

2. Then press the aAn icon on the leftmost side of the search bar (in Safari) or the three dots icon on the right (in Google Chrome) to request the desktop version of the website.

3. Then press the Camera icon to start a Google image search.

4. You can either paste the link of the desired image here or upload a picture on your device using the download button to give it a reverse image search.

5. Wait a few seconds to display the information of the image searched using this method.

Method 4 – Find Image Source Using Online Websites

Another effective method to perform a reverse image search using your iOS device is to use free online websites. Follow these quick steps to find details about your image using this method.

1. Open the Keyword generator in your browser to perform a reverse image search.

2. Then press the Browse button to choose the file you want to search from your iPhone/iPad.

3. Tap the Search button to perform a reverse search on the selected image.

4. Wait a few seconds to see the details of your searched image.

Method 5 – Third-Party Apps to Reverse Search Images on iOS

In addition to online tools and web browsing methods, you can also use free third-party apps on iOS devices to perform reverse image search.

1. Open the App Store on your iPhone/iPad and search for the Reverse image search app to install it.

2. Using this application, you can choose an existing photo on your device or directly paste the online image URL to find its location using it.

3. To choose an existing device image for reverse image search, tap the Photo options.

4. Then press the Search button to search for details of the selected image.

5. Wait a few seconds to display related image results. You can also see the results of various search engines by pressing their respective name buttons at the top.

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That’s it for the best ways to perform a reverse image search using an iPhone or iPad. If this quick read has helped you explore unknown images on your device or online, hit the like button and share this guide with your friends to spread awareness about these cool methods. Let us know your preferred method in the comments below.

Amanda J. Marsh