Top 10 Ukrainian articles of 2021

The Atlantic Council’s UkraineAlert blog posted record audience figures in 2021, alarmed by a possible escalation of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, helping to generate a high level of international interest in Ukrainian issues throughout. of the year.

Unsurprisingly, UkraineAlert’s top ten list of 2021 articles is dominated by conflict-related content. Amid growing fears that the eight-year-brewing confrontation in eastern Ukraine could escalate into a major European war, one of the key themes was Russian President Vladimir Putin’s apparent obsession with Ukraine and its willingness to pay disproportionate geopolitical costs in order to prevent the country from leaving the orbit of the Kremlin.

The year is coming to an end with the threat of a new Russian offensive still hanging over Ukraine and an end to the undeclared war between the two countries is not in sight. The following top ten articles are essential holiday readings for anyone looking to understand what will likely remain one of the world’s most significant geopolitical issues in 2022.

# 1: is Putin about to launch a new offensive in Ukraine?

The most popular article of 2021 was published in April during the first of two Vladimir Putin saber fights and aimed to assess the threat of a full-scale Russian invasion.

N ° 2: Why is Ukraine still not part of NATO?

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba asked this provocative question in February 2021. As the year progressed, the questions raised in his article became increasingly relevant.

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N ° 3: the future of Europe will be decided in Ukraine

Ukraine’s new Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov wrote this powerful editorial in December to highlight the wider geopolitical implications for the EU of a possible Russian escalation in Ukraine.

# 4: Vladimir Putin’s obsession with Ukraine could spark a great European war

This article by former Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk and Alexander Khara sought to place Russia’s saber strikes in the context of Putin’s fixation with Ukraine.

N ° 5: Five reasons why Ukraine rejected Vladimir Putin’s “Russian world”

Since 2014, Russia has suffered a historically unprecedented loss of influence in Ukraine. Taras Kuzio explored why Ukrainians categorically rejected Putin’s “Russian world”.

# 6: US imposes new sanctions to kill Putin’s favorite pipeline

This January article by Diane Francis looked at new U.S. sanctions designed to block Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. In a matter of months, the Biden administration would overthrow the American opposition.


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# 7: Putin’s new Ukraine essay reveals imperial ambitions

In July 2021, Putin published a remarkable essay that laid bare his imperial ambitions in Ukraine and his belief that “true Ukrainian sovereignty is only possible in partnership with Russia.”

N ° 8: Memo to international media: Putin has already invaded Ukraine

As winter 2021 approached, the key question in international media was “Will Putin invade Ukraine?” In reality, of course, Putin had already invaded Ukraine in 2014.

N ° 9: Is the separation of Ukraine from Russia now irreversible?

As Ukraine prepared to celebrate its 30 years of independence in August, this article invited experts to share their thoughts on whether the geopolitical split with Russia was now irreversible.

# 10: it’s time to remind Russia that Crimea is Ukraine

The summer of 2021 saw the launch of the Crimean Platform, a new initiative designed to put the Russian occupation of the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine back on the international agenda.

Peter Dickinson is editor-in-chief of the UkraineAlert service at the Atlantic Council.

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Image: The largest national flag of Ukraine on the country’s highest pole and the giant “Fatherland” monument can be seen inside the grounds of the WWII Museum in Kiev. December 16, 2021. (REUTERS / Valentyn Ogirenko)

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