The Preston Pharmacy site in Fulwood will be redeveloped with apartments and shops

The current site of the pharmacy in Longsands Pic: Google

Plans are proposed for the redevelopment of an existing pharmacy site in Fulwood.


Proposals have been made to move the store front of the Preston Pharmacy to Longsands and provide a new entrance to a new three storey building.

There would also be a reduction in the roofline of the pharmacy so as not to conflict with the windows of the proposed new building in Fulwood.

Construction of the new three-story building will include three retail units on the ground floor and nine residential apartments on the first and second floors, as well as modifications to the existing Longsands Medical Center pharmacy and service yards and the provision of storage for bins and bicycles, at Longsands Lane with vehicular access from Longsands Lane via the existing car park.

The building will include 256 m² of retail space spread over three units. Inside, each unit would have a retail space, accessible directly from the front of the site with a staff room to the rear to provide employee wellness amenities, as well as a storeroom. Rear entrances to each unit will allow deliveries and maintenance from the rear of the building.

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Nine residential apartments will be located on the first and second floors. Entrance to the apartments will be from the rear of the building with an internal bicycle garage and a lobby on the ground floor.

Currently, the site is used as a 97-space car park and for landscaping. It is considered to be in a highly accessible and sustainable location, as Longsands Lane is served by no. Bus service 49 which runs from Royal Preston Hospital to the city center Monday to Saturday with approximately one service per hour. Alongside Tesco Express being nearby.

The Design and Access Amenity Statement stated: ‘The building will be contemporary in design whilst complementing its surroundings and making best use of available land, adding visual interest to the site. The design does not pastiche the style of locally existing buildings, which are not considered to be of particular architectural value in themselves.

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“The structure would line up with the building next door and sit no further forward than the Tesco Express. While the building would be taller in height than the neighboring units, it would not appear overbearing and by joining the buildings they would appear as part of a singular complex.

“The development would be approximately 30m south of the nearest existing residential properties, separated by Longsands Lane. Given this distance, the proposal would not have an unacceptable impact on the amenity of occupants of surrounding properties

“Moving the storefront of the pharmacy from the northwest to the southwest will improve its immediate outlook and increase parking traffic. The entrances to each unit would then be seen in a linear form, all facing the parking lot.

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Amanda J. Marsh