The PlayStation 2021 Year-End Report gives you personalized stats on your gaming triumphs

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Just when you thought the deluge of personalized year-end summaries from gaming and social media platforms was over, PlayStation is slipping. Starting Thursday, select PS5 and PS4 players can see their personal stats for the past year, Sony said in a blog post.

The Year-End Report lists stats such as number of games played, total hours played (and on which games), and trophies won. Users can access the report on their PlayStation account and share it with friends. Those who access their 2021 wrapper will also receive a code for four free avatars.

In the blog post comments, people were reporting difficulties accessing reports. This may be because it is only available to users in certain regions that grant certain data collection permissions. The summary is only available to players who have logged in for at least 10 hours on their PlayStation in the last year and have consented to the collection of “full data” in the United States or the collection of “data supplements” in other parts of the world, including Europe.

PlayStation did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Amanda J. Marsh