The BMW i5 Electric Touring Wagon could become a reality

The other day we shared a render of a Tesla Model 3.5, which is a wagon version of the popular Model 3. The concept was very well received. Now, in a similar fashion, we have a report that BMW may be working on a 5 Series wagon, and it could be electric.

BMW’s new 5 Series won’t arrive for a few years. According to BMW Blog, the next generation is expected to arrive in 2023. As expected, it will be offered with electrified powertrains. BMW is not diving head first into the transition to electric cars, although it already has several models available with an optional Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) powertrain.

That said, the post says it expects two BMW i5 sedan options, as well as the German luxury brand’s first electric touring wagon. The BMW Blog says that “sources” confirm that BMW hopes to move forward with an i5 Touring model, and that it will likely hit the market in 2024. The report also suggests that the model will be “heavily electrified. “

BMW will likely offer the 5 Series Touring as a plug-in hybrid, and BMW Blog says it expects two PHEV options, one with a four-cylinder engine and one with a six. In addition, a fully electric i5 wagon could be part of the game. Regardless, the post says it expects all-wheel drive to be at least an option in the electrified variants.

Railcars are still very popular in Europe, and it’s no surprise that they are regaining their popularity on our shores with the advent of electrification. The BMW Blog writes:

“If the BMW i5 Touring becomes reality, we expect an M Performance version of it, like the i4 M50, with two electric motors, at least 500 horsepower and a range exceeding the 300 miles quoted in the i4.”

The next BMW 5 Series G60 will likely be unveiled at the end of 2022, which will give people an idea of ​​what a potential electric touring wagon could look like. The BMW Blog says the upcoming design will remove the bold elements and huge grille from current BMW models, while being more upscale inside. In addition, it could arrive on the market with a level 3 autonomy available.

Amanda J. Marsh