Series IIA Auctioned to Support Relief Efforts in Ukraine | Articles

Various companies and Land Rover owners in the UK are using their vehicles to support relief efforts in Ukraine. One of them is Joe Kwaterski, who made the generous decision to auction off his 1971 Series IIA “Gertie” and donate the proceeds.

All funds raised will be used to buy medical and relief supplies, with the help of NHS consultant anesthetist Dr Alexander Yashchik, organizer of Support Ukraine Shropshire.

The supplies will be transported to Ukraine by family-owned trucking company Swains Transport of Church Stretton.

Gertie has been MOTed and groomed for sale by Hatfields Jaguar Land Rover, and now enjoys pride of place in their showroom. Hatfields has also pledged to co-finance the money raised from the sale. The combined funds from the sale will therefore be double the value of the vehicle.

Auction site Collecting Cars, which is hosting the sale, has also promised to donate its fees.

Hatfields chief executive Gareth Williams said: “Like many of us, Joe watched the devastating situation unfold. He turned that upset and frustration into action with his increasingly generous decision to donate Gertie to auction. We hope it raises an amazing amount of money, and I’m thrilled that Hatfields was able to showcase it and double the impact by matching the funds raised! With the help of Dr. Yashchik and Swains Transport, we hope that vital supplies purchased through Gertie’s sale will be in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Gertie is a late Series IIA 2.25 liter petrol hardtop, in what appears to be excellent condition. Its restoration involved a rebuild of the engine and gearbox, as well as repairs to the chassis and many new parts, including the fuel tank, suspension and braking components.

According to the latest edition of the LRO Price Guide (updated for each issue of the magazine), it could be worth £16,750.

The sale is currently live and ends Friday, April 8 at 8:30 p.m. Visit the auction here.

Series IIA Engine Compartment

Gertie’s restoration included an engine rebuild and fine attention to detail.

Amanda J. Marsh