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Winter accident occurs when pickup crashes into Putah Creek

An accident near Vacaville on July 3 occurred when a pick-up truck carrying two teenagers returning from a The quinceañera celebration the night before left the causeway and ended up at Putah Creek in Winters. Solano County Sheriff’s Office Deputies received the call about the crash just after midnight near Canal Lane near Lake Solano County Park.

One teenager found while the other is still missing

When officers arrived, they spotted a red Retrieve which was submerged in the creek. An injured young man was found about 70 meters downstream from where the van entered the water after the crash. He told the police that his friend had not got out of the truck. The teenager who was on the creek side was identified as Julio Vasquez.

Massive search for teenager missing after winter accident

Firefighters from the Vacaville Fire Protection District attempted to gain access to the vehicle but were unsuccessful. The dive team with the sheriff’s office arrived at the scene to conduct a search while deputies searched along the shore. When the dive team reached the pickup, they found no one inside. That same morning, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office joined in the search for the missing teen, identified as Eduardo Fierrosgraduated from Winters High School this year. Family, friends and volunteers came to the site on Monday to help with the search and vigilance.

A cell phone app tracked teenagers in real time

Fierros had shared a real-time cell phone app with others showing their locations and arrival and departure times. The app showed the vehicle heading west along Putah Creek Road towards Pleasants Valley Road. The vehicle reached this point and then turned around to return to Winters. While traveling east along Putah Creek Road, the van left the roadway, hit a tree and entered the creek.

Changed search to recovery operation

The search for Fierros has turned into a search and recovery operation, authorities say. This operation was to be suspended if nothing else was found.

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