Scott E blog posts seen in Howard County Council member Opel Jones re-election video

Reported by Scott E’s blog Nov 25: Howard County Council member Opel Jones is running for re-election in 2022 (Read article). On November 29, council member Jones posted a campaign video to announce his re-election in 2022.

In this video, Councilmember Jones mentions some laws by sharing screenshots from news organizations (and a local blogger). Three of the screenshots were from the Baltimore Sun website and two of the screenshots from Scott E’s blog. Scott E’s blog posts are a little hard to tell apart, so I made sure to put them in evidence here in this video for you:

If you are interested in seeing the full video here is the public link shared on social networks:


I feel like we’ve come a long way from the “bloggers are not news” statements made by other local bloggers in the past. I believe bloggers have the opportunity to be a part of the local news scene while giving their opinion on the news (not that different sometimes from the mainstream media).

I also like that the articles in “Yeah that’s it, a local blogger maybe …” (Click here) were important enough to be part of the final video produced.

I wish Opel Jones the best of luck in their next election. He currently does not have an opponent, but the filing deadline is not before February 22, 2022. I follow the candidates running in many local races in Howard County here: https: // scotteblog .com / 2022-primary-election-candidates-howard-county /

If you are planning to run for office in 2022, be sure to contact ([email protected]) so I can see and document it for my readers.

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Amanda J. Marsh