Saskatchewan Agriculture Weekly Crop Report

Crop development ranges from near normal in eastern areas of Saskatchewan to below normal in western areas.

Saskatchewan Agriculture crop extension specialist Matthew Struthers says conditions are improving in many parts of the west following recent rains. It reviews provincial crop development ratings.

There has been a lot of variability in precipitation over the past week, with some places receiving large amounts and others much less. Some of the notable totals last week were 111 millimeters in the Prince Albert area, Meadow Lake had 97 millimeters, Marengo and Smiley 86 millimeters, Spiritwood 84 and Saltcoats 61 millimeters. The rain helped improve topsoil moisture conditions in the province.

The mid-western region continues to have dry areas with 17% of cropland having short topsoil moisture and 5% very short. For pastures, it is 35% short and 3% short in the center-west.

A farmer northwest of Outlook sent an email saying he had received just 47 millimeters of rain since April 1 with an even smaller amount in Ardath. He adds that any rain that has fallen has been in the range of two to five millimetres. He reports that some early crops are in the shotblade stage at six inches, while later crop germination remains uneven. He says the pastures are poor and the hay yield will be low.

Amanda J. Marsh