Report: Dak Prescott passes Pro Bowl, CeeDee Lamb named to roster

While the entire football world is now focused on Super Bowl LVI, the reality is that there is technically one game ahead of it. The Pro Bowl takes place this Sunday, February 6, in Las Vegas, and will give us our last chance to see a handful of Dallas Cowboys wear the star for a good time. Micah Parsons, Trevon Diggs, Tyron Smith, Zack Martin and Bryan Anger were all initially selected, but last week a report said CeeDee Lamb would likely join them as a replacement.

On Monday, there was news of Lamb’s official elevation to the NFC team giving the Cowboys six Pro Bowlers, but it looks like they could have had seven. It was reported that quarterback Dak Prescott has turned down the opportunity to take a vacancy, opting instead to prioritize rest in the offseason.

It’s hard to blame Prescott for turning down the opportunity to play in the Pro Bowl considering the game is pretty meaningless and considering his medical issues over the past two years. Obviously it’s good that players get picked and an appearance is good for the career resume, but Prescott has already played in the All-Star Game twice and is at the point in his career where one thing is the main thing. .

Kirk Cousins ​​and Russell Wilson have been added to the NFC squad, which means they can hopefully get the ball to Lamb for some big paydays. Maybe the Cowboys could learn from this, Troy Aikman certainly thinks it’s a good idea.

Amanda J. Marsh