Pakistan and Turkey are ‘future threats’ to Israel: report

January 20, 2022 1:05 p.m. STI

Tel Aviv [Israel], Jan 20 (ANI): Israel must be more careful about its national security as two new ‘threats’ – Pakistan and Turkey are on its doorstep, joining in the footsteps of Iran which is a current threat to the security of Tel Aviv, Sergio Restelli wrote in a local newspaper.
Writing in his Times of Israel blog, Restelli said that for Israel this should be a wake-up call to look beyond its immediate borders.
“While Iran is the threat of today, Turkey and Pakistan are future threats to Israel and its security, especially in the ‘periphery’ states. While Israel’s aid to Afghan refugees in Tajikistan is a step in the right direction, there is a long way to go to secure the future of Israel,” he wrote.

Iran, and to a large extent Turkey, became a source of immediate concern. Much of Israel’s national security puzzle comes from Iran and its proxies and especially after the Abraham Accords, Iran has been the most singular and only real threat in the neighborhood to Israel. .
Whether it’s the nuclear program or Hezbollah and Syria, Iran has tried to establish itself on land borders with Israel, which provides weapons and training to Hamas, a Sunni ally of a Shiite regime. .
Sergio Restelli further wrote that Turkey is increasingly becoming a threat to Israel’s security and well-being, especially given its tacit involvement in several hotspots of Islamic terror, where Israel is the main enemy and target.
“Pakistan has also started raising the anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic flag often over the past few years, most recently at the extraordinary meeting of the Organization of Islamic Countries in Islamabad, which was accompanied by pro-Iranian protests and large-scale anti-Israel attacks in Lahore,” he said on the blog.
He further noted that the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, although it created some unease and sparked much discussion in Israel, the interest was more due to the US withdrawal than the handing over of a country. to a terrorist group, which openly calls for the destruction of Israel and supports Hamas. With the recent protests in Kazakhstan, like it or not, Israel has been sucked into the “Great Game” of Asia. (ANI)

Amanda J. Marsh