Normandy Park City Manager’s Report for the Week Ending January 7, 2022

Here is the report from Normandy Park City Manager Amy Arrington for the week ending January 7, 2022:

Appointments of regional and municipal commissions

At its meeting on Tuesday, January 11e, the municipal council will appoint members to sit on various regional and municipal committees. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you an overview of these groups and the work they do.

Regional Committees are zonal groups that focus on a variety of topics that impact the citizens of Normandy Park. In many cases, the city has an interlocal agreement that defines the scope of the committee. At Tuesday’s meeting, City Council will appoint a representative and an alternate to the following regional committees:

    • Highline Forum
    • Metro Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee (MSWMAC)
    • Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC)
    • Public Interest Committee of the Association of Sound Cities (SCA PIC)
    • South King County Transportation Board (SCATBd) –
    • South King Housing and Homelessness Partners (SKKHHP)
    • Southern Alliance
    • WRIA 9

In addition to regional committees, city council will select members to sit on city council committees. These committees consist of three board members who meet to assist in the policy development process. Council committees are city council policy review and discussion bodies that have been created to help consider matters that may come before it in more depth and detail. The committees do not take binding action on behalf of the city, but rather study the problems and develop recommendations for submission to city council. The current municipal commissions are:

    • Economic Development – This committee provides advice and recommendations on priorities, policies and strategies related to the basic economic health of the city.
    • Finance – This committee discusses and reviews proposed financial policies, budget matters, debt, internal / external audits, proposed legislation, city code and other finance related matters.
    • Communications – This committee is responsible for assisting the City’s communications efforts. This includes the City Scene post, Channel 21, YouTube channel, website, email campaigns, and other city council-led communications.
    • Education – This committee provides city council with advice, guidance and recommendations regarding various educational activities, associations, initiatives, programs and ideas that may affect the lives of Normandy Park residents of all ages.
    • COPS (Public Safety) – This committee discusses law enforcement matters that may affect us locally or on a regional basis. It is also an opportunity to review trends and how the police service intends to address them.
    • City Manager – This committee assists with employment issues related to the City Manager.
    • Fundraising Campaign (Civic Center) – This committee is responsible for initiating the fundraising efforts necessary for the proposed Civic Center project.
    • Facilities (Civic Center) – This committee is responsible for developing the design and uses of the proposed Civic Center.
    • Capital (Civic Center) – This committee is responsible for determining the availability of funds related to the Civic Center.

All council committee meetings are open to the public and city council encourages your participation. Please check the current events calendar for meeting times and participate in the discussion if you are interested. Also, keep an eye out for announcements of future televised meetings on Channel 21 and the city’s YouTube channel.

Census 2020
How long did the people of Normandy Park spend working in the past 12 months? The U.S. Census measures employment status over the past 12 months by collecting data on the number of weeks in the year and the number of hours per week that people have spent working.

Data on work experience are collected for people aged 16 to 64. Table 1 shows how many weeks people worked during the 12 month period. Most of the people in Normandy Park worked 50 to 52 weeks. Table 2 shows how many hours people spent working according to the number of weeks they worked. The average number of hours usually worked at Normandy Park is 38.3 hours per week. How many weeks per year and hours per week do you work? Can you find your place in this data?

Find out more census data available for Normandy Park by visiting this website.

If you have any questions on these and other topics, please contact me at [email protected] Have a good week!

Table 1. Weeks worked

Worked 50 to 52 weeks 65.2%
Worked 48 to 49 weeks 1.4%
Worked 40 to 47 weeks 5.1%
Worked 27 to 39 weeks 3.7%
Worked 14 to 26 weeks 3.7%
Worked 1 to 13 weeks 4.3%
Did not work 16.6%

Table 2. Usual hours worked

50 to 52 weeks


48 to 49 weeks


40 to 47 weeks


27 to 39 weeks


14 to 26 weeks


1 to 13 weeks


Usually worked more than 35 hours per

the week

2 146






Usually worked 15

at 34 hours per week







Usually worked 1 to

14 hours per week





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Amanda J. Marsh