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Reporter NXP on the scene

Reporter NXP on the scene

In the increasingly competitive world of advertising, companies that most aggressively promote their customers in digital media with quality content will thrive.

The best way for us to control the informative narrative is to provide lots of engaging stories to the most visible media”

—RD Hastings

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 28, 2022 / — RD Hastings, an editor with NewsXPartners Corporation (“NXP”, a New York-based advertising company) is actively seeking to hire three associate writers to meet the demands placed on the Company’s editorial board by an ever-increasing volume of media content writing. “In order to maximize opportunities for positive media exposure for brand image and name recognition in an increasingly competitive environment, we have no choice but to dominate the media with directed content,” did he declare.

“The best way for us to control the informative narrative is to deliver plenty of engaging stories to the most visible media outlets. As a company run by great reporters and journalists alongside old-school advertising professionals, we excel absolutely in content creation. But it comes at a cost. Our reporters and journalists need visionary management and constant editing to keep the media pipeline filled with exceptional material. High search engine visibility for our customers is absolutely a job.

We recently hired a senior manager to oversee the operations of the NXP Writers Syndicate, and that has proven to be great, but we still need the services of three, maybe four experienced, SEO-savvy associate writers to manage the volume of articles that the Syndicate produces. And the workload is increasing every day.

NXP uses many recruitment companies to identify qualified candidates to manage writers in the United States and Canada, and Hastings is in charge of the search committee responsible for conducting the interviews. The search was launched just five days ago and the response has been overwhelming.

Hastings commented, “There is no shortage of candidates, but not many who can work comfortably with the pressures and demands of NXP’s work schedule. We really need to fill these positions before October 25th. »


NXP, a fast-growing national advertising company, actually got its start in 2006 as an informal, behind-the-scenes association of freelance writers, reporters, journalists, publicists and public relations professionals working together to promote the reputation and brand image of selected clients. . At that time, customers were primarily private companies in the northeastern United States, and the primary media outlets operated were traditional print newspapers and magazines.

Since then, NXP has become fully national in terms of the geographic location of its customers, and it is actively engaged in all forms of electronic media, including digital publications, blogs and podcasts. It formalized its structure and incorporated in 2022.

NXP provides a full range of advertising and public relations services, encompassing branding, name recognition, image development, reputation management, media relations, competitive strategy and more. others.

NewsXPartners Corporation is a private company owned by its founding members. For more information or to contact NewsXPartners Corporation, address your correspondence to mediarel[email protected] or by phone at 516-279-2076.

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