New York City opens nation’s first safe injection site for drug users

New York City takes an important step in the fight against overdose deaths by introducing the first safe injection sites in the country. These sites already exist in places like Australia, Canada and Europe.

The centers, which opened on Tuesday, are operated by the association OnPointNYC. They are located in Manhattan.

“To be the first OPC site in the United States is an honor and an incredible step forward in ending the opioid crisis,” the group tweeted.

People experiencing drug addiction will be able to inject heroin and other illicit drugs while being monitored by healthcare professionals for signs of overdose. The United States had its deadliest year for drug overdoses last year. Over 100,000 Americans have lost their lives due to overdoses.

In addition to being able to shoot in a safe environment, users will be referred for treatment and other services. They will be provided with clean syringes, which will help reduce the spread of diseases such as HIV / AIDS and hepatitis.

The centers, supported by the mayor Bill de Blasio, would work without users worrying about being arrested. New York Health Commissioner Dr. Dave chokshi Recount NOTRP that arrangements have been made with the New York City Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to allow the sites to operate without interference.

“We are confident that these are spaces that will be allowed to function for what they are,” Chokshi told the outlet. “These are clinical, safe and hygienic spaces where people can access care and seek treatment. “

De Blasio echoed Chokshi’s sentiment last month of optimism that law enforcement would not target the centers.

“We have a new administration in Washington, a new administration in Albany,” the mayor said in October. “It was a good time to do something about this topic when we could finally have the kind of potential cooperation we needed.”

Amanda J. Marsh