Netizens urge public to report Beatrice installer Luigi Gomez on Twitter

Several netizens are calling on Twitter users to report Miss Universe Philippines 2021 installer Beatrice Luigi Gomez on the micro-blogging platform.

The Twitter user with the handle @bealuigigomez joined Twitter in December 2009.

Her bio also made it appear that it was Gomez as it included Cebuana’s beauty designation on her profile, including: Miss Universe Philippines 2021 and Marine Reservist Sgt. He also claimed that the account is managed by MUPh Org.

Screenshot of @BeaLuigiGomez via Twitter

Since Gomez won in September, the account has been posting updates from the country’s Miss Universe representative. He also posts tweets that make it look like Gomez is the one tweeting.

However, a quick profile check also showed that it was an account masquerading as Miss Universe Philippines 2020. Rabiya Mateo.

He was posting updates on Mateo and his activities.

This was also noticed by some Twitter users who called the poser.

They also urged other Twitter users to report the fake account.

“Report !! False account !!!” a Twitter user said.

“False account, beware” a Twitter user warned.

“Please report the account,” tweeted another.

At the time of writing, the account has 112.6,000 subscribers.

His last message was: “Bring it ON !!! »Accompanied by several heart emojis in the colors of the LGBT community.

Gomez is the country’s first member LGBT candidate for Miss Universe.

She competes against more than 70 others in the competition which takes place in Israel.

Amanda J. Marsh