Nancy Isime debunks Istanbul travel report

Popular Nollywood actress Nancy Isime has reacted in a lengthy series of posts to claims that she took a trip to Istanbul with a married man. .
She then reintroduced herself and the many things she does for a living while closing the unsubstantiated allegation.
Actress Nancy Isime has expressed her displeasure over a recent blog post about her romance with a married man. She took to her Instagram stories channel to respond to the report and frowned angrily at the allegations as she mentioned how many incredible things she had gotten herself into. According to the beautiful actress, “If you are a Nigerian woman with plans for success, add these names to your plans so it won’t surprise you when it happens, Ashawo, Olosho especially if you decide to be an actress, c It’s an automatic christening ceremony if you like being a virgin They are now dating wealthy married men.
Nancy said she expected such a report because there had been a reasonable amount of positive news about her online and she considered it mere propaganda. The prejudice against women will be broken.
The actress explained why she didn’t ignore the report: “Literally, mentally and physically exhausted from trying to do anything with your life just to check your notifications and she’s inundated with comments calling out your name. I’m talking about thousands of comments. She called the blog that published the report anonymous and cannot be sued. Nancy further stated that she was happy that it happened during the month of International Women’s Day. “The prejudice against women will one day be broken, until then we continue to grind.” The beautiful actress then reintroduced herself: “My name is Nancy Isime, actress, multi-award winning host, CEO, NIP Studios, executive producer, Nancy Isime Show and other names and titles are yours, not mine .”

Amanda J. Marsh