Most Read Articles – Nasa Repairs, White Elephant EV, Hydroelectric Turbine

What topics are covered this week? There’s the chip industry in denial, the rise of TSMC, repair work on NASA’s Artemis 1, a contrary view of electric vehicles, and the testing of a prototype hydroelectric turbine in the Thames…

5. Chip industry in ‘hopeful denial’, says Penn
Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons, reiterated his single-digit semiconductor growth forecast for 2022 and warned of a double-digit decline for 2023 at IFS2022 in London yesterday. “For the most part the industry is in hopeful denial,” Penn said “if we had a soft landing, it would be for the first time in the semi-industry’s 70-year history. drivers.” While the long-term annual trend of 8% unit growth would provide a monthly unit shipment rate of 6.5 billion at this point, the current actual shipment rate is 7.8 billion units. per month.

4. TSMC becomes the first chip company
The memory market collapse propelled TSMC to the top spot in 3Q22, according to IC Insights. Samsung falls to second place and Intel is expected to fall to third. IC Insights has cut its global IC market growth forecast for 2022 from 11% to 7%. The downgraded expectation for this year is almost entirely due to the memory market crash in the second half of 2022. Most memory companies expect this inventory adjustment period to extend into the least at the beginning of 2023.

3. Nasa continues repairs to Artemis 1 ahead of postponed launch
Nasa said repair work was continuing on Artemis 1’s uncrewed test flight to the moon as mission control teams prepared for the next launch attempt. Nasa is continuing repairs to Artemis I ahead of the postponed launch Officials halted the countdown to the initial Saturday, Sept. 3 launch after discovering a hydrogen leak in a quick disconnect, an interface between the power supply line in hydrogen from the mobile launcher and the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.

2. EV is the biggest white elephant mankind has ever invented
At IFS 2022, Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons, delivered some concise insights into the fundamentals of the tech industry. “EV is the greatest white elephant mankind has ever invented,” Penn said, “the real disruption will come from hydrogen cars that fill up in five minutes – they are the real green alternative.” The absurdity of some government attitudes toward electric vehicles is illustrated by the fact that California insists that gasoline-powered vehicles be phased out by 2035, but, Penn said, “California just imposed a ban on charging cars overnight because the grid can’t cope.”

Sensor Technology Thames turbine 7671. Prototype tidal turbine tested in the Thames
Kingston University tests a prototype hydroelectric turbine from a pontoon on the River Thames. Developed by Hales Marine Energy near Eastbourne, the aim is to create a turbine that can be used both at sea and in rivers, sitting on a submersible tank that normally sits on the seabed, but can float at the area for maintenance. The Thames prototype is 1m in diameter and produces around 1kW, while 5m coastal marine turbines are estimated to generate around 20kW.

Amanda J. Marsh