Mayushi missing: FBI adds grad student to missing persons site

JERSEY CITY, NJ — A grad student was last seen leaving her Jersey City apartment in her pajama bottoms on a Monday morning in the spring of 2019, and was never seen again.

This week, the FBI’s Newark Division added her to its webpage and asked the public for information to help find her, Special Agent in Charge James E. Dennehy said.

Her family and friends launched a fundraiser to find her after she disappeared, saying they had exhausted all avenues. But three years later, they still have no answers.

The case of Mayushi Bhagat, 28, has received little media attention in recent years. His family reported him missing to Jersey City police on May 1, 2019.

Friends started a fundraiser soon after, saying“Her family have not seen or heard from her since, and all police investigations have yielded no conclusive leads. The search for Mayushi has had an emotional and financial impact on the family, including costs substantive legal and investigative procedures.”

She arrived in the United States in 2016 on an F1 student visa, the FBI said, and was enrolled in classes at the University of New Hampshire, then transferred to the New York Institute of Technology.

“Bhagat was last seen on April 29, 2019, leaving her apartment in Jersey City, New Jersey. She
wore colorful pajama bottoms and a black t-shirt,” the FBI said.

A history in 2019 in the india time, “A girl from Vadodara who is studying engineering in the United States is missing,” said the parents had also been living in the United States for a few months and Bhagat’s brother had recently arrived to study in the country.

The noted story that Mayushi had texted her father via Whatsapp at 12:30 p.m. on May 1 that she was fine, but would not be back until May 3.

his father says another publication in India that he does not believe that she wrote the WhatsApp message and that the language does not sound like her.

So Mayushi tried to call her on May 1, but only got voicemail. He contacted Jersey City police that day to ask for help. Police have asked anyone who has been in contact with her to contact her.

“I just don’t understand why she hasn’t contacted us at all after so many weeks,” her father said. said Hi India. “She was very happy with her life. She had gotten a great job in California with a company that had agreed to file her H1B visa.”

Bhagat is 28 years old, 5’10”, is of medium build (150-160 pounds), has black hair and brown eyes, the FBI said.

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Amanda J. Marsh