(Make the decision that you both already smoked your last cigarette. The first three days are hell, but it gets easier. Https://smokefree.gov/tools-tips/text-programs/quit-for- good / smokefreetxt? s_cid = OSH_tips_D9402)

Mourning comes in stages. Ask for help.

In a world of poisonous toxicity, it can be difficult to identify the sources of poison. It is not uncommon for the poisonous to blame the bitches, enlightening others and accusing those who talk about their ailments of being sick or dangerous.

There’s a reason you’ve seen these ads. There is a reason you feel social pressure.

Be aware of which ideas are yours and which ideas are the suggestions of others.

Everyone stumbles. Everyone has doubts about the faith. Everyone gets confused. Everyone crosses their words. Everyone forgets from time to time.

Remember the core of who you are. Remember that you are a kind and caring person. Remember the confidence you have in yourself.

Start by keeping a journal of how often you use alcohol, cannabis, nitrous, or other substances to keep you away from the haunting truths of reality.

It’s time to start weaning ourselves off substances and face the sober reality of where and when we are in history. If you can stop the cold turkey, do it.

It’s time to step it up. Your first challenge is to go through 15 days of 2022 cold sober.

This will help you feel the growing pains. It will help you deal with the anger. It will help you focus. It will help you prepare and prepare others for our role in the story.

You are a keeper. Your job is to create a phone tree to register each other.

When you can approach life with a mature attitude, it is okay to recognize that we are all children who need teachers.

Lead on the leader.