Long Live KidHole, ClickHole’s Kid-Clickbait Parody Site

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Photo: Kidhole

You may have missed it, but this week saw the dawn of a new, albeit extremely short, era: the kid clickbait. On January 31, click hole – our favorite parody content mill – unveiled a (temporary) new version of their site called KidHole, which is only for kids who are probably too young to even be on a website. Stories posted throughout the week include “A good idea: you should draw on the wall with a marker” “I read a book and the book was 327 pages and the book was about sailors” and “I WAS UP UNTIL 11:03 PM LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!” – things kids would definitely write if someone just gave them access to a CMS. Here is a sampling of some of the other kid-friendly clickbait blogs that KidHole has given the world throughout its brief existence:

Besides being absolutely adorable for adults, KidHole’s content at least partially hits its target audience. After showing KidHole to her 7-year-old daughter, Vulture’s review Kathryn Van Arendonk reported that “What the hell is that! Broccoli… Is……… YUM????” simply invited “a chuckle”, while “Give mom’s jewelry to your school friends!!!” had the biggest laugh, “especially the scroll to the hamster.”

In a phone conversation with Vulture, editor of ClickHole Galbraith Jewel leave us alone: ​​KidHole ended on Thursday, February 3, and there are no current plans to repeat the effort unless some Big Kid money starts rolling in. or something like that,” she said. “I think we would do it again if it was that kind of situation.” The letter writing campaign starts now!

Until Fisher Price Money Becomes A Reality, You Can Catch Up On Any KidHole Clickbait You May Have Missed here.

Amanda J. Marsh