Listings from eBay seller are missing from search

Mon 09 May 2022 07:49:25

By: reader

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Dear Ina,

As of yesterday I found out that not only has eBay secretly unlisted my books, but now they are also blocking others from being searchable, although they technically appear in my store, which includes finding the ones I see right in front of my face that are in the store, but when I search I get 0 results.

This happens on the app as well as the browser.

This happened to me once about 2.5 years ago when I brought it to their attention that my ads were not appearing in search results even though I copied and pasted the ad title. Then they actually gave me credit for a full month’s membership. Now I really don’t know what to do.

It seems eBay has gone a little crazy with its treatment of its sellers, being willing to cut their noses to upset their faces with the implementation of their new policies, still testing the limits of what their seller base will accept. by way of intrusions and fees, and what seems to end up being total control and the expectation towards us that we should be satisfied with them allowing us to have any profit percentage from our own hard work and our merchandise, which could one day soon be a lower percentage than what eBay allows us to have now.

On another note, I have yet to see the benefits of the latest update, i.e. requiring buyers to enter their payment information before submitting an offer. Has eBay backtracked on this benefit? Still issues with non-payers at this point.



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Amanda J. Marsh