It is best for Google to discover your new site with external links via URL submission

Google’s John Mueller said there’s nothing wrong with using Google Search Console’s URL Inspection Tool to request indexing, but the best solution is to have Google discovers these new URLs on this new site via external links. Google said it was just better to have links to the site and for Google to pick up the site that way.

John Mueller told me that last Friday night at the 7:56 mark in the video. I explained that I started a brand new blog, not about SEO (I already have two). The blog is called Lucid initiate – this is the new electric vehicle manufacturer, Lucid Motors and its first EV sedan named Lucid Air. So I started the blog a few weeks ago, mainly because I wanted to start something new from scratch and see how it goes. It will help me with the context for my SEO writing, of course, but it will also be fun to start something new.

So I asked John if he recommends you submit new URLs as you post them through Google Search Console’s URL Inspection tool, ask indexing feature? This is a new blog, with no links to this one, with an XML sitemap.

John replied that links are the best method (hence the link above) for Google to index your content. He said “there is no downside” to using the request indexing feature. He said: “If it’s a new site that we don’t have any signal and information about it, then at least telling us about the URL is a way to get the first foot in the door. door. But that’s no guarantee we’ll pick it up.”

Then he joked that I know some blogs that I can link from, saying “so this is something where you probably know someone else who is blogging and you can sort of work with them and maybe get a link to your site – something along those lines. It’ll probably do a lot more than go into Search Console and say I want this URL indexed.”

So I said, no, I want it to happen naturally. So this may be the first link to the Lucid initiate blog, but he’s driving traffic right now through social media. The Lucid community reminds me of the early days of the SEO community – so insiders are familiar with the blog now.

Here’s the embedded video of that 90-second conversation:

Discussion forum on YouTube community.

Amanda J. Marsh