How to use the iOS 15 app privacy report

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Check how to use the iOS 15 app privacy report

Apple included the App Privacy Report in the beta of iOS 15.2, a feature that was initially demonstrated at WWDC. The app privacy report is intended to inform users of how often apps access sensitive information provided to them through privacy permissions, such as location, contacts, camera, microphone and images. Apple also displays network activity, letting you know which domains your apps are contacting in the background.

How to activate the app privacy report

The app privacy report can be enabled in the Settings app by following these instructions.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap Privacy.
  • In the Privacy section of the Settings app, scroll down and tap on App privacy report.
  • Tap Turn on app privacy report.

Using the app privacy report

Apple displays data for the last seven days, and the app is split into multiple sections for easy access to what you want to know.

Access to data and sensors

In this section, Apple provides a list of apps that have accessed the sensors and data granted to them through privacy permissions, making your information more private.

Access to data and sensors will let you know when apps have accessed the following:

  • Contacts (edit)
  • Site
  • Pictures
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Media library

If you tap on an individual app and then tap the permission you want to see more of, the app’s privacy report will give you a list of each time the app has accessed that data.

Application network activity

With App Network Activity, you can see a list of all the different domains that your apps have contacted in the past seven days.

This includes various internal domains used by apps, but also allows you to see which third-party websites and services are being viewed, such as tracking or analytics tools.

You can tap any app on the list to see a summary of all the areas you’ve contacted. If Instagram is installed, for example, you’ll see URLs for things like DoubleClock, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc., as well as internal URLs for Instagram and Facebook.

At the bottom of each app’s data, you can also get a list of the websites you visited within the app.

Final words: How to use the iOS 15 app privacy report

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