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WordPress is a wonderful platform for creating websites of different complexity. It combines an excellent website builder with a powerful CMS.

What is WordPress and why is it so popular?

Some people think of WordPress as a blogging platform. However, its functionality is much wider. Here you can create websites of any type and complexity. WordPress meets the needs of many industries by offering a wide range of plugins with various functionalities. This will boost your website and give your users a great experience.

Here are the main reasons why WordPress is a widely used website builder:

  • Usability. Even beginners in website building can work with this platform without any problem. And you don’t have to be a software engineer or designer to do it.
  • Fully customizable websites. You can adapt your website project to all your needs. Feel free to modify your web design, create a handy admin panel, and customize features.
  • SEO friendliness. Search engine optimization is an important factor for your website. The websites are built with high quality code and markup so you can’t worry about your rankings and technical SEO. Also, there is a wide variety of ready-to-use SEO plugins for your website.

Learn more about video call plugins

Video chat plugins are third-party integrations that are used to enhance the functionality of your website. These plugins can make minor or substantial changes to your WordPress websites. With over 50,000 different plugins like free chat available on the internet, it can be difficult to select the best one for your website.

You can effortlessly install them on your site through your plugins menu on your platform. They make your site more flexible and convenient and help maintain strong connections with your users.

Best WordPress Streaming Video Chat Plugins

WordPress video chat is definitely a great way to connect with your customers, audience, and friends around the world while staying at home or in the office.

In this article, we are going to have a more detailed overview of the different video conferencing plugins offered by WordPress. We’ll also provide you with a step-by-step guide to adding them to your website. Let’s start!


The eRoom plugin allows you to schedule meetings or events directly from your website’s dashboard. By adding this plugin to your site, you can create business meetings from any page and you can schedule them so visitors can see your meeting countdown.

This is a cool feature that allows your team to join your meeting from different locations. This option is perfect for streaming video chat directly to your website. The paid version of this plugin costs from $29.99 for one website and can increase up to $99.99 for 20+ websites.


It is a well-known platform plugin for private video chat rooms and conferences. Zoom features work great with WooCommerce, which allows hosting webinars and meetings without purchasing additional systems. On top of that, Zoom offers account reports that let you view your stats and metrics. For the free version of Zoom, up to 100 users can join your online meeting at the same time.


Formilla is one of the top rated video chat tools for WordPress websites. With its compatibility and responsiveness, you can easily engage users on your site to start discussions. This plugin can be extremely useful when it comes to visual marketing.

It is also adaptable in size to any mobile phone or tablet. To answer the most common questions from your customers, you can activate the ‘Helper bot’ on your website using the Formilla plugin. After installing this plugin, there are 15 days of free services before selecting your monthly plan. The cost of premium Formilla services starts at $15 per month and can increase up to $35 for full services.


This plugin is more suitable for having free chat rooms with your colleagues. This video conferencing plugin presents you with an online office feature so that you can communicate internally with your colleagues. It offers the possibility to embed social media directly on your pages or websites.

With its state-of-the-art features, users won’t miss any urgent calls or upcoming events. Consolto sends a notification or email in advance. This plugin works in over 10 languages, making it a great platform for international businesses. Still, this plugin cannot be used for free. Users can only access Consolto after paying for a subscription which starts at $10.00 for one month.


With the LiveSmart conferencing plugin, users can add links to your video conferences right on your website. Also, you need to install particular software on the server for seamless operation. The LiveSmart plugin works great with most mobile operating system.

Your work members or just female video chat can use both the front and back cameras of their mobile phones. This plugin is open-source, which means it’s completely free. However, it offers some extended features. For example, it helps to transfer different files as well as messaging with your audience.

How to add a video chat on a WordPress site?

Installing a video chat plugin on your WordPress site is similar to installing any other plugin. You might spend more time testing it out and finding out if the plugin is right for you, but the installation process looks like this:

  • First, go to your WordPress settings and find a menu of plugins there.
  • Click “Add New Plugin” and type in the name of the plugin you want to add.
  • Wait for the plugin to be installed and start testing it with calls.

Make sure to give this plugin access to your camera and microphone so you can make calls effortlessly.

There is also another way to do it. This means adding a few lines to your website code. Don’t be afraid of this – you can handle it even if you’re not a software engineer. Here is a step by step guide:

  • First, you need to go to your ToxBox account and Create a new project
  • Choose the integration option for your project
  • Create a name for your integration. Later this will be used to find an integration in your account
  • Define the parameters of your integration (width and height)
  • Determine the domain where you will use the integration
  • Click the Create Integration button.
  • Once these steps are completed, your code will be generated on your website page. Copy this code and save it to add it to your WordPress website. You can access this embed code by choosing a current video chat embedded in your TokBox account and clicking the Copy button at the top of the window with Embed Preview.

Conclusion on WordPress Video Chat Plugins

A plugin is a useful way to integrate different applications into your business site. Video calls are essential for small businesses as well as large international companies. It offers you convenient interactions with your colleagues and clients, not only visually but also via chat. There are many new plugins such as Coomeet free chat which have started offering seamless interactions with many Al supported elements.

Responding immediately to customer questions as well as communicating with your partners begin to impact business revenue and audience satisfaction. Instant interaction with users, turn them into loyal customers of your business in these unpredictable times.

As an alternative to video chat, girls and boys actively use them. These plugins have become revolutionary in the development of websites as a medium for internal and external interactions. It improves business efficiency and keeps the sales team on the same page with new business strategies and goals.

Video chat plugins can be a profitable and reliable key to all your online exchanges business communication issues. We hope that the tips and information we mentioned above will help you choose the most suitable plugins for your business website. Some plugins are intended for websites of a certain type.

The WordPress video chat widget has two main advantages: it is simple to use and has a contemporary look. You can choose from a variety of emojis and symbols. You can even track the number of visitors so you can answer their questions. You can create only one video chat widget for each visitor if you have a large group of visitors. You can have up to ten simultaneous chats depending on the type of widget.

Live chat allows you to build stronger relationships with your website visitors and encourage them to convert. It also helps you satisfy your customers. You can turn your WordPress site into a useful business tool. Keep in mind that the plugin will require a dedicated domain, so choose a theme that will allow it to work with WordPress. You can get it working in minutes with a little adjustment.

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