How to remove personal data from search results on Google

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It only took hundreds of thousands of requests over a period of almost ten years for Google to finally make it easy for you to ensure that your personal information does not appear in online search results.

The Alphabet-owned internet search engine recently unveiled new guidelines and resources that make it quick and easy for users to request removal of personal information from search results, including phone numbers, email addresses and even physical addresses. Google noted in an April blog post that users previously had to provide proof of potential harm, such as doxxing or identity theft, in order to have their personal information removed from search results.

Now your information is removed from these results for whatever reason – and with just the press of a mouse.

Danielle Romain, VP of Google Trust, wrote in another blog post that it’s important for many people to have more control over where their sensitive and personally identifiable information can be found for feel safer and more private online.

It is important to note that not all requests are accepted: according to Google, the company cannot remove your personal information from its search results if the data is of interest, for example if it appears in a relevant news item or if they are on a government website. or another official source.

Currently, anyone can make a deletion request by filling out an online form. The firm has unveiled a new future tool where customers will be able to request the erasure of their personal data in just a few clicks if they discover it in search results. The tool will be available “in the coming months”, the company said.

Source: CNBC

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Amanda J. Marsh