How to fix the “Windows search bar is not showing or working” issue on a Windows 11 PC

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Check how to fix the “Windows search bar is not showing or working” issue on a Windows 11 PC

The Windows search bar is the primary utility. However, this option may be disabled on a Windows 11 device. In fact, this is a common problem faced by those who are considering getting the free upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11. There is no there is no unique reason for it to be disabled. To use something on your computer, you need to search for it first. The Windows Search Bar (or Search Box) is a one-touch utility that gives you quick access to your file, application, registry, and document explorer. Windows 11 search bar error is a common error where the search bar is disabled and you cannot type anything at all.

Additionally, the Windows 11 Start menu (with its own new search box) won’t respond to your clicks. You can’t even access the stop and reset buttons! Recently, the issue affected users who migrated from Windows 10 to Windows 11. It is unlikely to affect a PC or laptop installed with Windows 11. There is no reason for this other than the errors. themselves. Microsoft. Therefore, few corrective actions are required to restore your computer to search. Windows 11’s search bar has been a bit hit and miss so far. Some early-age users are annoyed that they can’t type in the search bar, while others complain that their installed apps don’t show up in the results.

How to fix Windows 11 search problems

You can try a variety of things from a simple restart to changing system settings and uninstalling programs.

  • Restart your computer. Yes, this is an obvious and typical solution to most computer problems, but it is also one of the easiest things to try for research problems. An easy way to restart Windows 11 is to right click the Start button and navigate to Shut Down / Sign Out> Restart.
  • Open the Run dialog box. You don’t even have to grab anything! This is a weird solution, but it seems to work for people who are having the problem that the search bar is not allowing them to type. Use the WIN + R shortcut to start Run, then exit to see if that fixes the search problem.
  • Restart SearchHost.exe. This process runs every time you open the search box and should hang when the search window is closed. If there is an issue with opening or closing this process when necessary, it could be the root of your search problem. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open Task Manager. Go to the Details tab and right click SearchHost.exe. Select End task and confirm with End process. Once it disappears from Task Manager, try to open the search window again.
  • Change the search parameters to explore more folders. If you think Windows 11’s Finder isn’t working because it can’t find files that you know you have, check your search settings to find those folders. To do this, open the search and select the three-dot menu button at the top right, then choose Indexing options. Enable Enhanced if you want to search all folders on your PC. Also verify that the folders you want to search do not appear in the Exclude folders from enhanced search box.
  • Enable or restart the Windows Search service. This must be running for Windows 11 to properly search for files. To do this, open the Run dialog (WIN + R) and run the msconfig command. Open Windows Search and select Start. If it is already running, stop it and restart it.
  • Rebuild Windows Search Index 11. Open Settings by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting it from the list, then go to Search> Find Windows> Custom Search Locations> Advanced> Rebuild.
  • Windows includes built-in troubleshooters that might offer another solution not mentioned above. You can test this through the settings. Once there, navigate to Update & Security> Troubleshoot> Additional troubleshooters> Search and index> Run the troubleshooter, then follow the onscreen steps.
  • Microsoft is constantly releasing updates, not only to add new features to Windows, but also to fix issues. An update that you have not yet installed may resolve the search problem.

Final words: How to fix “Windows search bar not showing or working” issue on Windows 11 PC

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