How to Disable Search Indexing in Windows 11 2022

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Check how to disable search indexing in Windows 11

No, there is no reason to disable Windows Search unless your system has very few resources. Windows Search is the most efficient search utility for Windows 11. Most open source and third-party alternatives take longer to index files and consume more resources than Windows Search. So now you have the most effective utility on your system. So there’s no point in disabling research unless you’re low on resources. Additionally, we recommend that you reduce index locations for Windows Search to conserve its resources, as this effectively limits Windows Search’s resource usage and power consumption. If you still want to disable search in Windows 11, you can use the following methods.

Search in Windows 11 hasn’t changed much from Windows 10. However, that’s no cause for celebration, as Windows 11 users may experience the same search issues as their Windows 10 counterparts. What are they? those? In addition to quality issues that can cause the wrong files to be displayed when searching, there are also common performance issues. Search indexing is enabled by default, and the search indexer runs periodically to index new or changed files.

Search indexing searches all folders specified by Windows for indexing. It captures all new, modified and deleted files and updates the index accordingly. The index is used to find files based on their name, content, and other parameters. This guide walks you through the steps of setting up search indexing in Windows 11. You can use it to troubleshoot issues such as ensuring specific folders are indexed, removing folders from indexing, or disabling completely indexing.

How to Disable Search Indexing in Windows 11

  • Press the key combination Windows + R
  • Enter the command services.msc and press Enter or OK button
  • In the window, with Windows 10 or 11 services, by double-clicking on Windows Search
  • Open Windows 10/11 Search Service Settings.
  • Register here to disable, so it won’t start with Windows 10
  • Click the “Stop” button to stop the current search service.

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