How to add site link to profile in TikTok Bio?

How to Add Site Link to Profile in TikTok Bio

As you can see in many TikTok profiles, TikTok recently introduced a new feature, Bio, i.e. adding a website link to your profile. If the question you are wondering is how to add my site link to my TikTok profile, you are on this page. This important feature, which can be found on almost all social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, is now on TikTok! It has a thick, clickable black URL structure in the area just above your videos. Why Adding A Site Link To Your TikTok Profile Is Important Add Link To Tiktok Profile Tactic. How to upgrade to Tiktok Pro account? How to add a sitelink in Tiktok Bio?

Why is it important to add a site link to your TikTok profile?

This feature is really important, especially if you have a TikTok account that you opened for business purposes or if you have a personal blog. By adding your site’s link to your TikTok profile, you can get your followers and visitors to come to your site, sell products, or get them to read your blog posts. Additionally, search engines such as Google will see these links as a referral for your site, increasing your site’s value and contributing to higher rankings.

Even if you don’t have a site, you can add any link, for example a link to your CV, a blog of the city you want to promote, etc. It can be used for dozens of things.

Conditions for adding a sitelink link to the TikTok profile?

If you’re wondering why I can’t add my site to my TikTok profile, the sad news is that this feature isn’t open to everyone yet. It’s completely random as to who it’s open to. In other words, like in the live streaming feature of Tiktok, it doesn’t matter how many TikTok followers you have or if you are a former user. This feature, which suddenly appears in some, appears directly in some users who have opened a new account. The reason is that TikTok just brought the feature to add bio link and it is still an add-on which is in testing phase.

Added link to Tiktok profile tactic

Don’t worry though, we’ll give you some tips on how to easily add a link to your Tiktok bio.
First, update the latest version of the Tiktok app according to the operating system (android or iOS) of the device you are using. Many people have seen that by making this update, the functionality of adding links to their accounts has arrived. It is especially common on Android-based devices.

If the above update tactic doesn’t work, another method is to open a new account all the time and have a profile with a link to your luck. Of course, in this case, you will have a separate account from your checking account.
The safest method is to upgrade to a Tiktok Pro account!

How to upgrade to Tiktok Pro account?

The Tiktok Pro account is for tiktok accounts opened in the name of their brands by businesses in the style of brands, companies and businesses. But individually, you can easily open a Tiktok Pro account with just a few steps.

  • After logging into Tiktok, go to your profile.
  • Enter the settings section
  • Then select the “Manage my account” tab
  • From there, select the “Tiktok Pro” option and then the “Operating account” option.

That’s it! You have now transferred to your tiktok pro account and you can easily add your website to your tiktok profile by following the steps below. youtube You can enter your address or any clickable web URL of your choice, such as your blog.

How to add a sitelink in Tiktok Bio?

It is very easy to do this setting, by following the steps below, you will be able to add the link of your websites if this feature is available in your account.

  • Enter your profile on the Tiktok app
  • Open “Edit Profile”
  • When you scroll down the bio settings, you’ll see the “Website” field just below Instagram, etc.
  • By clicking on this field, directly type the website you want without “HTTPS” at the beginning, for example: “” and validate.

That’s the whole process. Now anyone visiting your profile will see a clickable link.

Amanda J. Marsh