High schools are now sending report cards virtually, it’s just awful

When my old high school (Go Gators) tweeted this yesterday I was floored, absolutely floored. They said parents now have access to their children’s report cards for download through an online portal. This is bad news for current students. At the time, we distributed them during the last period. You would put it in your backpack and if you were a C student like me, you weren’t happy to hand it to your parents. You might be able to buy a few days if you put it in the bottom of your backpack or leave it in your locker. Could always deflect and blame the teacher. “Idk mom, our teacher never gave them. So weird. I can ask for them tomorrow,” knowing full well you had a “D” in math and didn’t want them to find out. The fact that you can no longer lie to your parents and blame the teachers is awful. It’s a tough day for the kids now without having this excuse built into your back pocket. And if you had a teacher you really hated, blaming him was a treat.

It’s a complete game changer, you’re screwed and there’s nothing you can do about it if you get bad grades. Being able to stretch how long you have your parent’s report card was the ultimate thrill, except there was never anything good that came of it. You’re just kicking down the street knowing you’re eventually going to get ripped off for not getting an “A” in Mr. Scott’s physics class. Now you have no control over when your parents see it. They receive an email that the ballots are in the portal and the game is over. No more playstation, no more cell phone, no more twitter, no more because your bulletin is crap. Knowing that your parents could see it at any time and that you were going to get that call must have been terrifying.

Kids used to get super creative changing their report cards once we had them in our hands. Everyone thought white would work, it doesn’t. Our buddy Pete used to scan and edit his newsletters with Photoshop, which is why they paid him a lot of money. Now, this move is obsolete if your school is one of the schools sending them virtually. Sometimes the schools sent them home in the mail too, you had to rush to the mailbox before your mom or dad could check it, but it was always a gamble. What if you had a stay-at-home mom? You were screwed. Seeing this tweet about virtual report cards took me back to high school and gave me crippling anxiety. School systems changed the game with this move, they put kids in checkmate.

I really feel for the kids who are at the mercy of a virtual report card. It turns the game on its head. Thoughts and prayers for all the kids who couldn’t blame their teachers for not distributing their terrible report cards.

Amanda J. Marsh