Google Search Trend – a good sign for vintage sellers?

Searches for “vintage backpack” hit an all-time high on Google this month, the company revealed in a back-to-school shopping report. Google Shopping’s Aya Kanai said “the early 2000s are having a moment” in Wednesday blog post.

The ‘Y2K’ aesthetic is one of the hottest shopping trends this season, she said, with butterfly hair clips, trucker hats and bouncy dorm furniture making a splash. return.

The post lists various search terms that have risen, giving sellers ideas for keywords to include in their listings to capitalize on buyer interest.

Kanai then shared tips for back-to-school shoppers, while Google offered some tips for merchants looking to get discovered and increase sales this season, taken from Google’s Merchant Center:

Promote offers more effectively – Merchants can review their Price Analysis Report to help price products more effectively by reviewing suggested retail prices and expected performance for price updates. They should also put their current offers in Merchant Center so that they show up when shoppers search for products on sale.

Showcase trending products – Merchants can review their Best Sellers Report to see popular brands and products, and glean insights to help them identify seasonal trends.

Attract local buyers – Merchants can review their Availability for inventory to ensure that users have accurate information when searching for “in stock near me” products.

Maximize the chances of being seen – The Competitive Visibility Report is a useful tool for merchants who want to better understand their product category’s competitive landscape and take action to improve their visibility (US only).

Measure what works – Merchants can measure the direct impact of their Merchant Center product data via free product listing conversions. To get started, merchants need to link their Merchant Center property and Google Analytics.

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner
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