Google search results now show more context about the website they came from

A particularly useful change for ads

It is estimated that Google processes an average of 8.5 billion search queries per day. People flock to Google Search to search for absolutely anything, from small, everyday topics to larger, more complicated searches. And the company is constantly tweaking its core product with a focus on adding as much context as possible to search results, especially in today’s times when misinformation and site spoofing can reign supreme. To that end, the company has made a small but significant change to the way it displays search results on your smartphone.


Google announced the change on both his main blog and his Central Research Blog. If you search for something on your phone, all search results will display the website name prominently above the title of the hyperlinked result. It will display both the name of the website associated with that result and that site’s logo, so you can better identify a source at a glance instead of having to squint at the URL.

These changes have been live for a few weeks for some people (including myself), but Google’s announcement should mean they’ll start rolling out for everyone. This change will apply to standard search results as well as sponsored results. For these, the word “Sponsored” will also be highlighted.

The way search results were displayed before this change was the same as they now look on desktop. For some results, it’s not immediately clear to everyone what website a search result came from. With this change, you are able to know more clearly which website you are visiting. It’s really more useful for sponsored content, as it helps people more clearly identify ads and where they’re coming from.

This change is rolling out to users, but if you don’t have it yet, make sure your Google app is fully updated. If so, you may just have to wait. You can leave feedback on this feature by following these steps.

Amanda J. Marsh