Google search results emphasize quoted words

In a new update to the Google search results page, the search engine now clearly indicates how the words you put in quotes appear on the page.

Many Google searches are treated as two separate words, and the search engine finds relationships between words to find the best results on the web. In some cases, Google’s search results display a snippet chosen by the site, and in others, a relevant preview of the text on the page is displayed.

But when you put part of your query in quotes, Google makes sure to find those exact words in that exact order. Most of the time, the search results page will also display your quote in its proper context on the page.

Today, Google announced that its search results page will now always display quoted words in the context of their occurrence. For example, a previous exception was if the words appeared in page navigation menus or anywhere else that wouldn’t make a useful snippet.

In the blog post, the company offers an example search of “Google Search” in quotes. In the second search result, the phrase “Google Search” appears on the page because it is used in the alt text of an image on the page. Although it doesn’t appear as standard text on the page, “Search Google” is included in bold in the snippet, with a phrase nearby to give you an idea of ​​where to look.

Today’s change was apparently made in response to feedback, with Google Search users still wanting to see exactly where the quote appears on the page. In the long run, this is a fairly minor tweak, but it might make things easier for some, or at least make it more obvious why a particular page appears as a result.

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Amanda J. Marsh