Google is improving the shopping experience for search

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Diving Brief:

  • Expanding on new features announced last month, Google released updates to its search shopping experience. with a more visual results stream for the desktop. In addition, new dynamic filters have been added to refine the search functionality for products and the ability to view a product without leaving the results page, according to details shared with Retail Dive.
  • The updated desktop feed will show more products, brands, items, and videos when users add the word “shop” to a search for apparel, electronics, beauty, or beauty. home. Additionally, the new filters include options like brand, retailer, what’s on sale, department, size, material, color, nearby products, and more. Filters are dynamic, meaning they can be updated with options based on what a user is searching for at any given time, such as “ice coffee maker”, “single cup” or “drip” when a user searches for coffee makers.
  • Google’s updates – currently available in the US – will also allow shoppers to have a dual-screen style search, where they can read information about a specific product without having to leave the search results page.

Overview of the dive:

Google’s latest announcement demonstrates the tech company’s commitment to providing consumers with a more user-friendly shopping experience, with an emphasis on price comparisons and informed buying.

“Shopping is about more than just buying; it’s also about browsing, researching and narrowing your options to get the right product at the right price,” said Lilian Rincon, senior product manager at Google, in a blog post.

Google search results page with red ceramic vase product.

Google allows users to view product details without leaving the search results page.

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Updates are added new features rolled out in September, which included a 3D sneaker feature, shopping guides for specific product categories, and a “Shop the Look” tool with curated styles. At the time, Rincon told Retail Dive that although Google is not a retailer or a marketplace, its goal is to connect shoppers to merchants regardless of where the final purchase takes place.

These changes to the Google Shopping feature come as the holidays begin to roll in, marking the most important quarter for retailers. Research published this week by Deloitte found that high-income shoppers plan to spend less this season, while low-income consumers plan to spend more. While overall spending is expected to be comparable to 2021, Deloitte noted that buyers are feeling the impact of higher prices.

Google could play a role in how shoppers find their gifts this season, according to data from Bluedot. A study by the group published last month found that 22% of respondents will search on google for gift inspiration.

The company’s enhanced features also come at a time when shoppers may already be looking for deals on freebies. Thirty-eight percent of consumers surveyed by Deloitte said they plan to shop earlier this year, and 23% said their vacation budget will be spent by the end of October.

Amanda J. Marsh