Google Chrome’s new sidebar makes it easier to compare search results

Google has announced a new sidebar feature for its Chrome browser that aims to make searching more efficient without opening a new tab or returning to a previous page.

The search giant recent blog post explains how the new feature works: when a user clicks on a search result, they are redirected to the web page. Then a Google button with the text “Open search in side panel” will appear in the address bar. Clicking on it will open a sidebar that will display the search page the user accessed before. From there, the user can click on other results, which will open in the main tab window. They can also perform new searches if they prefer.

This feature, which is similar to Microsoft Edge sidebar, will be very handy for comparing different search options. As a writer, the feature will come in handy when I’m looking for the best explanation of a new term or concept I’ve come across – no more endless clicking the back button to find the desired result.

This isn’t Chrome’s first sidebar feature. In March, Google rolled out a similar feature that allows users to quickly access their reading list and bookmarks.

On top of that, Google Chrome is also getting a new price tracking capability, which has been available for its Android app for several months now. When a user is logged into the browser and visits a store page, a “Follow Price” button is displayed. If the user clicks on the button, he will be notified by email once the product is cheaper. However, the feature doesn’t currently work in our own tests, but it might show up in the next update or two.

Source: Google

Amanda J. Marsh