For better well-being in the new year, 10 articles to read

With every new year comes the saying “with the old and with the new”, except when it applies to expert advice about your health.

Here the Michigan Health blog takes a look back at 10 wellness-centric articles from 2021 – with expert advice from Michigan Medicine you can take with you year after year.

  1. Want to sleep better in the New Year? Follow these six tips from a sleep expert for quality sleepclose to going back to work.

  2. A pulmonologist explains how to take care of your lungs during the pandemic and beyond.

  3. Spend time in nature can improve the physical and mental health of children and adolescents, according to an investigators report.

  4. How to deal with an Achilles injury (because doctors are reporting cases are skyrocketing.)

  5. Clinicians say to stop procrastinating on these key health checks immediately (the New Year’s not a bad time to check in to where you are.)

  6. Cholesterol explained: the good, the bad and how better take care of your heart health, according to a specialist in cardiology and lipidology.

  7. Reasons to improve your core strength, and why researchers say do not neglect the muscles of your neck.

  8. How to help children and adolescents after the trauma of a school shooting.

  9. Manners teach children gratitude (along with some useful tips to keep to yourself.)

  10. Five ways to reset your relationship with technology and screens.

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Amanda J. Marsh