Felice opens on the former site of the Giulia/Heights café

Once again, your correspondent’s wife took care of surveying the neighborhood when he couldn’t. Today she found Felice, the restaurant that took over the site of the old Giulia/Heights Café (and for those with long memories, the Promenade Restaurant) at 84 Montague Street (corner of Hicks), open for business, and got this shot of its new outdoor dining enclosures. here is their website and menu.

The prices are, as expected, rather high, but not astronomical. The cheapest appetizer, bruschetta, is $13. The calamari, always a favorite of ours, is only available with fried baby artichokes, at $21. I’m confused by what’s under the “Taglieri” heading, described as “Chef’s Selection of Imported Cheeses and Charcuterie”; in other words, an Italian charcuterie. “[A] 2″ selection is priced at $27. I assume that means two meats and two cheeses, not one of each. One of 3 costs $35. Several vegetable additions are available at $5 each. Assuming the plates are big enough to feed two, the prices aren’t that extortionate.

The salads are all expensive and I’m disappointed not to find Caesar; possibly unknown in Tuscany. In pasta entrees, I find an old favorite, Spaghetti alla Carbonara, at $24; not much more than I remember paying it to the late great queen. Traditional lasagna is $26. Oh, yes, there’s the $23 “L’Hamburger,” described as “mix of short ribs, taleggio cheese, bacon, red onion confit, pickle, tomato, hand-cut fries.” With all that, it should be worth it. If you’re still hungry, I’ll let you browse the desserts (“Dolci” and “Gelati e Sorbetti”) on your own.

Photo: Martha Foley

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